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Best Walking Sneakers

Choosing Best Walking Sneaker

SEP 3 2008

Finding the best walking sneakers is not that easy. Of course you need to consider that fact that it is comfortable enough and at the same time you would want it to be fashionable.

We normally use sneakers for walking, exercising and other sporting activities. But now, sneakers are setting the trend for its innovative or artistic appeal.

More and more fashion conscious people are mesmerized with the panache and trendy look of these sneakers. One can get a sneaker of his or her desire that will fit any activity and overall get up. There is a wide variety of sneakers coming from various top brands sold in the market today. There are many manufacturers that are designing the latest and hottest fad sneakers to make you look modish and trendy. We always think on how to be both well-dressed and fashionable but we want to be comfortable in any shoes that we are wearing. So, it is also important to think about the quality and benefits a pair of shoes can give.

When choosing the best walking shoes you should consider the following things:

  • Look for a shoe that suits your foot type.
  • Should be a bit stiffer and supportive.
  • Should have a very flexible forefoot to allow the natural bend of the foot.
  • Should have good shock absorption in the heels and in the balls of the feet.
  • For a smooth heel-to-toe roll, look for a shoe that carries beveled or slightly angled heels.
  • The mid soles should be thin so as to adapt the slower foot roll when you walk.
  • Look for a shoe that it’s inside board is not stitched but glued
  • Too much padding can be uncomfortable.
  • Non-breakable heel for stability and control is a good one.
  • Look for a shoe that measures heel between ¾-1 ½ inches
  • Look for a shoe that features flared outsole to help foot stability.
  • If you could look or a straight shaped shoe or a shoe that has a very little curve at the bottom, because it provides support for your foot and thus impedes you from overusing the edge of your foot.
  • Look for a shoe that will help increase and challenge your muscle activity, increased circulation, less back pain and better posture.
  • Should have a removable inner sole.
  • Look for a shoe that has a rubber outsole-it can aid with slip resistance.
  • Should have polyurethane rocker sole to help reduce ball-of –foot pain and absorb shock.
  • Look also for a shoe that has a padded collar and tongue, it can help protect sensitive areas, reduce irritation and secure fit.

Keep in mind not to buy shoes/sneakers first thing in the morning. Your feet may swell as throughout the day. Make sure your walking sneakers have a thumb length space at the toe end of the shoe beyond the longest. Some sneakers can cost you money but hey, think of the benefits so you can walk well and comfortably.

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