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Best Walking Socks

Different Types of Walking Socks

FEB 17 2010

Walking is one of the most important forms of exercise and a large number of people prefer to do so either in the early hours of morning or in the evening.

Apart from shoes, you should also wear best walking socks. There are different types of walking socks available to choose from.

If it is a regular form of exercise for you then you need to give special care to the shoes which you wear when you go out for a walk. Along with that you also have to take into account the kind of socks which you are wearing. Since socks too play a major role in keeping your feet healthy. They are the ones which prevent you from getting blisters, wounds and other kinds of injuries.

Walking socks keep the moisture away from your feet and thus keep the feet soften. So you should never ignore your socks. The way you invest money in buying high quality shoes, you should spend money in the similar fashion on buying good quality socks as well.

Types of Walking Socks- Various companies are making quality socks to make your feet stay healthy and happy. These may be of the following types-

Thorlos Walking Socks- They are specifically designed for walkers and are meant to prevent moisture from sticking to your feet. With special padding provided at the ball of foot and heel, they are one of the most durable socks and so you may continue wearing them for many years to come.

Smart Wool Walking Socks- These socks are designed keeping in view the comfort of the walkers. They are meant to keep your feet stay away from itchiness and help in managing the moisture naturally.Sealskinz Walking Socks- these are meant for walkers who are also interested in hiking. They have an elastic arch and give supports to your ankle in a way that helps you to move easily while hiking.

Some of the walking shoes are designed keeping in view the feet of women and men differently. But on the whole they are meant to provide comfort to your feet.

What to see in Socks- When it comes to choosing the right kind of socks it is essential that you take into account the texture of the socks. Cotton socks are said to stick moisture to your feet and hence are not considered good enough as they become a prime reason for blisters and itching. On the other hand, wool socks take a lot of time in drying and also lack strength. Socks made from manmade fibres like Thermolite, Coolmax are said to be one of the best to choose from. When buying socks for walking, make sure they are knitted properly so that you don’t have any problem in walking. Make sure the socks are able to maintain temperature and also protect your feet from high pressures.

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