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Best Waterproof Running Jacket

Buying Water Proof Running Jackets

SEP 9 2010

You need to buy the best waterproof running jackets for running, these will not just keep you dry and warm but also prevent the water from spoiling your run. Buying waterproof running jackets is therefore important for the runners like the Nike Storm Fly Women’s Lightweight Running Jacket and more.

In winter months if you wish to run you need to be quite careful with what you are wearing. If you are not completely prepared with the dress chances that you might fall ill and may not be able to run successfully as well. Winter running matters the most, it is quite essential that you are having a good winter running jacket if you wish to run successfully. There are a number of types of waterproof running jackets which are available for the runners. You should buy the one which suits you the best.

Nike Storm Fly Women's Lightweight Running Jacket

The jacket is composed of the reflective element which is able to make you go visible as you run in the night. The other essential features of the jacket include weather resistant fabrics and the sweat wicking mesh which makes them a good running jacket. These features ensure that the runner feels comfortable while on the run and also keeps you well protected enough. The sleeve design of the jacket is able to reduce the irritation. The jacket makes it easy for you to remain warm and dry at the same time. It is one of the most breathable jackets available which also consists of the side zip pockets where you can keep the important things.

Salmon Speed II

It is also a light weight running jacket which is water proof as well. The jacket is ultra protective but overall it is one of the most expensive running jackets which is available. The sleeve of the jacket consists of the wristwatch window. For the ease of the runners, there is a handy chest pocket available where you can keep the MP3 player and the keys.

Saucony Omni Sonic Lite

It is available for around $60 and is a light weight jacket which is available for the runners. This jacket protects you from the rain and chilly winds and also consists of reflective features which make you visible at night time also. However the jacket is not quite breathable and that is the only drawback.

Nike’s Water Proof Men’s Running Jacket

This is one of the coolest water proof jackets available for men. The good thing is that it is quite lightweight jacket and hence you can wear the same when you go for long distance running. You can loosen it or tighten it as per your requirements. It is one of the worth wearing jackets for windy and rainy days. However it is quite heavier than the other jackets which are available.

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