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Best Way to Train for Marathon

How to Train for Marathon

JAN 28 2010

Training properly is the most important requirement for marathon. Try to train in the best way for marathon then you surely stand a chance to win the race. But you need to know how to train for marathon. There are some important rules and guidelines which need to be followed when you begin the training.

Most important thing is that you should stay healthy and fit for marathon but unfortunately this is the most ignored advice. There won’t be any rewards for you if you train in the best possible way and then get injured or sick at the last minute. So make sure that you stay away from all injuries as much as possible. The main goal should be neither overtraining nor under resting. You need to start your training slowly and then increase it, increase around 10% per week. You need to train in a hard manner only 3-4 times per week and then recover in between.

Aim to have as many distances and routes as possible, so that you have an idea of proper terrains as well. Vary your routes and keep a time check, as to how much time you take to complete the required distance.

Food to Eat while Training

Keep training for the distance you intend to run. You should eat the way you will eat at the marathon time and treat each run as a marathon final run. This will keep you motivated. Keep a note of your time. Keep a look at the food you are taking. Increase the intake of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fats in your diet. You also need to go for cross training this will in turn keep you healthy and also prevent injuries. After the training sessions, add green drinks to your diet this will remove all the toxins from your body. Try to take a sports carbohydrate drink and mix it as per your requirements. You can experiment with different brands since during the race also you will need to drink both water and sports drink.

Try to read as many books as possible on running this will give you an idea of how to run in the best way. But remember not to make running as a form of punishment.

Training Exercises Which You Should Follow

Include various other forms of exercises such as cycling, swimming or any other thing which will keep you fit and increase your heart rate a bit. Weight training will be utmost beneficial for you in the latter parts of the race. It will give strength to your muscles and also provide you with endurance. A circuit oriented class will help you to increase your aerobic fitness. But keeping a positive bent of mind and attitude will go a long way in keeping you mentally and physically fit, since you need to prepare both your body and mind for the race.

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