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Best Winter Running Apparel

Running Apparel for Winters

APR 11 2011

There is a wide range of running apparel for winters which is available in the market today. Make sure you are buying the best winter running apparel for yourself. This might include winter clothes, jackets, thermal hat, gloves, socks. You should go out in the winter months only after you are fully prepared to face the wind.

All the runners need to be particularly careful with their running programme in the months of winter since they have to save themselves from the cold harsh winds also. You need to wear the running apparel that not just saves you from cold winds but also makes you stay warm from inside.

Buying the Winter Running Apparel:

  • Make sure whatever you are buying for wearing in the winters is of good fabric.
  • You need to keep yourself warm while running or else it could prove dangerous for your health.
  • You need to remember to buy comfortable running clothes, they should neither be too tight or too loose for you. Always check the fit before you buy the same.
  • Always buy the socks which are able to wick away the moisture. You should avoid wearing cotton socks.
  • Wear the socks which keep your feet warm and dry.
  • Your running top should also not be just any other top you wear casually, rather make sure you are buying it from the point of view of winter months.

Things to Buy for Winter Running:

  • Running jackets is yet another essential apparel which you should buy wisely.
  • Mizuno Breath Thermo Stretch L/S Crew is not just an ordinary T shirt rather it is meant to be worn in the months of winter.
  • It comes with many good features like it is able to regulate the heat and thus keeps you warm from within.
  • Head Case: You should give full protection to your head and neck so that chilly winds and snow do not touch your body.
  • Always buy proper thermal hats, neck gaiters so that a layering can be formed on your head and neck which saves you from the winds.
  • Most of the times runners ignore their hands and feet, but you need to remember that you can catch cold even through your hand and feet also. So buying woollen gloves and woollen socks is very important.
  • Always remember to put a little bit of petroleum jelly or moisturiser on your lips and face to keep them warm and protect from the winds.
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