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Best Women's Road Bikes

Best Girl’s Road Bike to Buy

JUL 7 2010

There are various types of women road bikes which are available in the market but before you buy any of these bikes you need to know which is the best women road bikes. There are some light weight bikes available for women. These include Trek Madone 5.0, Cannondale Synapse Feminine, Terry fast women.

Apart from the men, there are a number of women runners also in the present day world. The bike companies understand the importance and needs of the women runners and hence a number of bikes are designed keeping the women bikers in mind. These days the market is full of bikes which are exclusively meant for the women bikers.

Trek Madone 5.0

This bike is meant for women runners. It has a womanly design with normal angles. The top tube of the bike is longer than the seat tube. The frame as well as the fork of the bike is made up of carbon. It comes with triple chain set.

Cannondale Synapse Feminine

The bike is made up of alloy frame. It has carbon forks and the bike comes in four sizes. The design is basically sloppy, while the top tube is quite longer. The price of the bike is also quite within the budget of the normal bike users. The weight of the bike is around 9.3 kg and hence it is not quite light weight than the other bikes of the similar kind. The bike comes with triple chain set.

Terry fast women

It is one of the most comfortable bikes available for women. It has a steel frame, but still it is quite lightweight than other bikes. It is fun to ride this bike as it gives a smooth ride all along.

Scott Contessa CR1 Pro

The bike is built by using the scott’s CR 1 technology and hence is said to be one of the most stable and durable bikes available for women bikers. It is quite light weight and is also fast.

Torelli Countach

This bike is also made for women. It consists of extended headtube and this is the plus point for the bike. The seat tube can be easily relaxed from 1 to 1.5 degrees. It makes a great bike for women.

Orbea Diva TPB

This is one of the most expensive bikes available for women bikers. But it has its own features. It weighs around 8kgs. The bike is made up of carbon frame, the forks are also made up of carbon frame, the look of the bike is quite elegant. The wheels are the shimano wheels in the bike, and sella italia lady saddle which makes it look nice. It is also a comfortable bike for women.

Felt ZW2

This comes with carbon fork and frame, the bike has a short tube top and comes in a compact design.

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