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Best Women's Trail Running Shoes

Best Women's Trail Running Shoes

SEP 15 2010

There are various types of women’s trail running shoes which include Adidas Response Trail 16, Asics Gel Trabuco VIII, Lafuma Akteon OT.

You need to wear the best women’s trail running shoes if you intend to go for adventures. They have traction and offer no slip features along with cushioning and padding.

Trail running is one of the best sports for those who want to enjoy freedom along with adventure. More and more men and women are seeing it as one of the popular activities and hence looking at it as favourite sports.
Women are also seeing it as popular sports and hence a number of sports companies are manufacturing shoes which cater to the needs of trailing sports. When you go to buy the trailing shoes you need to have certain information as to which is the best trailing shoe for women.

Adidas Response Trail 16

These are quite fit shoes and are said to be good in quality than all its predecessors. Moreover these are one of the softest shoes which are available in the market today. They come with cushioning system. These shoes provide you with a solid grip and hence when you run in the terrains, mud or dirt filled areas you can run with comfort. These shoes have a nylon mesh upper which provides you with breathability.

Lafuma Akteon OT

These trail running shoes are quite known for being water proof as well as breathable. They come with a tri density midsole and thus have comfort and density which is a good quality. Vibram XRUN outsole provides you with not just grip but also effective traction also. These shoes are said to be one of the best all weather trail shoes for women. They have a gusseted tongue and a lacing system which ensures a proper fit when you run.

La Sportiva Wildcat

These are the best tough terrain trail running shoes for women. These are specifically meant for those who want more adventures and run on the rugged terrains. These shoes are provided with a sticky rubber outsole and hence you can run on the toughest of the mountains. In order to provide protection to your feet, these shoes are provided with cushioning system.

Montrail Rockridge

The cost of these trail running shoes is lesser than the other trail shoes. They are one of the most suitable shoes and hence are more appreciated. These shoes are provided with a good traction system. On the outsole, they come with a rubber lugs and hence you can wear these on the slippery rocks and the gravel roads. Wear these shoes if you want to run on the sharp rocks and uneven debris.

Asics Gel Trabuco VIII

They are stable. They have toughened upper and no slip features. They have a cushioning system also.

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