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Best Workout Songs for Women

Songs for Workout Women

AUG 12 2010

There are a large variety of songs for workout available, choose the one which you love to listen the most. Best workout songs for women include War and Peace by Godsmack, Again by Fuel, Nice to Feel the Sun by Earshot, Gypsy Boots by Aerosmith, The Roots ..Here I come, ), You Know My Steez by Gangstarr

Those women who go for different types of workouts in the gym or on the treadmill or simply jog and walk, listening to their favourite songs can indeed make their workouts easy and enjoyable. The time is best spent in workouts if it is spent listening to your favourite songs.

Women have a different songs choice than men and so there has to be a different playlist for them. The choice of the songs differs and hence here is a detailed songs list which you might love to listen to when you are doing your workouts.

It could be rap, pop, rock, or any other as per your interests. In fact the genre of the song doesn’t matter much as long as you are enjoying your workout.

Rock Songs for Workouts

Rock is one of the favourite with women, you can listen a number of rock songs like Devil's Swing by Godsmack, Awake and Alive by Skillet, Crawl by Breaking Benjamin, War and Peace by Godsmack, Again by Fuel, Nice to Feel the Sun by Earshot, Gypsy Boots by Aerosmith. These are some of the mind blowing songs which surely you would love to listen.

Hip hop songs are a hot favourite amongst the women, these can be played when you go for the workouts, and you are surely going to love listening to these songs. “The Roots ..Here I come” is said to be one of the favourite songs amongst those who go to the gym, the music is simply great and rocking.

Songs for Women Workouts

Twista - "Slow Jamz" (Featuring Kanye West and Jamie Foxx)- the music is quite fast and the songs doesn’t leave a beat at all, it is fast and must listen if you are doing your workout on the treadmill, it will surely make you pedal faster on the treadmill and thereby help you lose calories.

Kanye West - "The New Workout Plan"- it is an all time favourite, best to listen on iPods the world over in gyms, and at homes when you workout on the treadmill.

Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - "Get Low"- this can surely be called as the strip club anthem, keep listening to this song as you jog and run till your sweat starts coming down.

Apart from these, you can also listen to some of the other hit songs like One Mic by Nas, It Really Don’t Matter (from the movie Romeo Must Die), You Know My Steez by Gangstarr, Encore by Jay Z and Linken Park.

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