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Bike Frame Protection

How to Protect Bike Frame

JUL 14 2010

Bike frame protection is a necessity in order to keep the bike free from scratches, dirt and gunk. You have to be cautious in this regard. There are bikers who want to know the various measures so as to how to protect the bike frame. Follow various options available for bike frames.

Bike lovers are extra cautious with regard to the safety of their bikes, they try to keep it safe and secure. Of course they have brought it with so much love after all and it is a passion for them. They try their best to protect the bike and thus bike frame protection too becomes important.

How to Protect the Bikeframe

You need to protect the bike frame along with other technical aspects also. After all it is your duty to see that it remains in the perfect working condition. For the protection of the aluminium frames of the bike you need to have Lizard skin jumbo chainstay protector. These are made up of the 2mm powertex neoprene. If you use this protector you are able to protect the bike frame from scratches as well as nicks. This is also going to reduce the noise of the chain slap.

These protectors come with such heavy weight threads that they give strength and durability to the frame. So you need to go for such protectors. These frames come in two colour of red and blue. It is priced at just $7.

Measures to Protect Bike Frame

Cycle stuff wrap is also helpful in protecting the frame. It has been priced at $6.50 in order to protect your frame from grime and gunk you can opt for Lizard Skin Fork Boots which are available at around $12. Lizard skins shock boots are also available which helps to protect the bike from wear and tear and also prevents shocks.

Most of the carbon fiber bike frames are more prone to suffering from scratches and wear and you need protection against them. When you ride around the trees, seas, uneven pavements, it is but natural that you also have to suffer from sand, dirt, stones, pebbles of uneven size which might be hurtful to the bike frame. Sometimes even the bike paint might get removed which itself gives an ugly look to the bike.

The problem of scratching is most often observed in mountain bikes which are used a bit aggressively on and off the roadside. You can be a bit harsh towards your bike and hence you should try to protect the frame also.

You can also opt for frame tapes, though they might not be of much use to you in the long run. There are many people who also prefer to make their own bike frame protection, if you are a bit creative you too can go for it in the same way.

You can also purchase Velo staytopkin chainstay and frame which has an 8 frame cable protection and comes with 3m adhesive backing also.

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