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Bike Training for Triathlon

Tips for Triathlon Bike Training

JUN 16 2010

Bike training for triathlon helps to prepare the bikers in a more organised way. Various tips for triathlon bike training enhance your speed and time distance. Most of the bike trainers are not able to perform well in the triathlon mainly because they are not perfectly trained for the vent. So effective training is a must for all the bikers.

The most important thing which you need to keep in mind is that the bike which you are buying must be fit and suitable for you, you must feel comfortable when you ride the bike. Don’t go just by the style of the bike, rather by the size of the bike.

The bike should be set up in a way that you are able to use your legs perfectly, without any discomfort. You might have to raise or lower the seat, according to your needs. These things are important to be noted as an improper setting might lead to pain or stressful biking which needs to be avoided at all costs.

You need to go for intense training if you want to prepare for the triathlon. So going for just one day or two might not be useful to you in the long run, rather you need to practise for at least five days a week, if you really want to excel.

Group Riding Helps a Lot

Your speed work matters a lot and so you need to concentrate on the same. go for high intensity rides at least once in a week along with your friends, this will give you a new level of confidence. If you don’t enjoy solo riding, then

moving out with the group of rider friends is a good option. Though in the beginning it might be difficult but your aim must be to go for organised rides which will enhance your speed work in a much better way.

Aerobic is also Essential

There is yet another thing which solo bike riders need to give importance- the aerobics shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Aerobics at short intervals should be opted by the bikers which will enhance their workout all the more. Once you become accustomed to the bike ride, go for long rides once in a week, give more emphasis on the time you are taking in reaching a particular mile as well as what your speed is during the ride, heart rate monitor too can be taken with you.

But you need to know from beforehand that the distance you intend to train yourself, since the triathlon event involves three major events- sprint distance for the beginners, Olympic distance which is common among the experienced athletes and the Ironman distance which is the toughest. Once you know where you intend to run, bike training will become easy for you.

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