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Bike Trips in France

Doing a Bike Trip in France

JUN 11 2010

There are a number of companies offering bike trips in France. These travel companies not just offer bike trip but also make you visit different cities of France along with a stay in luxurious hotels, rich French food, wine and much more. Bike trips in France is therefore considered to be one of the most sought after adventure.

Bike trip in France is one of the most popular activities especially among the youths of the country. A large number of companies organises these bike trips in France. You need to be simply aware of the companies which are in this field, but before you finalise any of these trips, making a proper survey is a must.

Discover France

This offers a wide range of services like organising biking tours, walking tours as well as hiking tours in the country and along the countryside. They offer attractive packages in France for the biking, and in a minimum price. These tours may last from just a few days to few weeks also, so it depends wholly upon you which one you intend to choose. The package is available within 1200 Euros and this also includes staying at luxurious hotels during the biking trip. In your biking tour, you will be made to visit some of the never seen places, like visiting the museums, shopping malls and many more. Passes will be made available for metro, airport.

DuVine Adventures Bike Tours

DuVine Adventures in France is yet another tour company which offer various interesting bike rides, taking the bikers through some of the most beautiful vineyards and giving a toast of the villages of France. They offer biking tours in different cities of France like the Burgundy, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, French Alps. The tour indeed is one of the most memorable and mesmerising ones. The tour provides you with a fun loving and friendly environment, making you move through the lush full valleys. The bonhomie provided is too warm, and you will certainly enjoy your stay in the luxurious deluxe hotels, along with the best of the French food, world class wines. Thus there is more to tour then just biking. Indeed it is a memorable and once in a lifetime opportunity which you should never miss.


Digngo is also a travel company which offers various kinds of biking adventures to the bike lovers. Their services extend to even Italy apart from France. The key feature of their tour is that they give you a glimpse of French culture along with the biking tour. You enjoy not just biking but also stay in nice hotels, best French cuisines and wine also. They are available in various French cities like Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Alsace, Normandy, Tuscany. You are provided very friendly atmosphere with just the right kind of environment for biking, so that you can enjoy the trip the most with your friends and turn it into a lifetime experience.

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