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Biking Backpacking Tips

Going for Biking Backpacking

JUN 17 2010

If you are going for biking backpacking there are a number of things which you might have to take into consideration. These involve what to take with you, where to stay, and the kind of weather it might be there. Biking backpacking tips will help you in knowing the requirements.

Backpacking is increasingly becoming a very interesting field of travelling across the world. More and more people are becoming adapted to this new adventure which they love to go for. Bike backpacking is all the more fun for the youngsters for whom it is a new way to explore the world.

What to take on Bike Backpacking

An essential question which emerges while backpacking is what things to take with you, since you will be away for a longer period of time so it is utmost essential that you take with you almost every essential things, since it might be difficult to make a purchase locally. Make your backpack as light as possible, don’t make it heavy that you may not be able to carry on your shoulders, as at many places you will have to do so as well.

In fact before you go for the excursion, try to start practising for the same from around two months in advance. Try to go for long walks and running so that you stay fit and healthy. Don’t ignore your diet in all these times, try to stay away from oily food or heavy food since ill health is the least thing you want to have on your travel. Make sure you have a good group who will be accompanying you on the excursion.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Travelling

With regard to clothing try to take your minimum clothes, rather than taking a heap of clothes, this way you will keep the backpack lighter than before. Take your clothes which won’t take long time for drying, take a few full sleeved

TShirts, and other half sleeves, two to three pair of trousers are more than enough for you, go for a cargo trouser which must have many pockets so that you can keep your essentials in those pockets, try to have one swim wear also.

Your shoes matter a lot. A good pair of shoes can make your travel all the more easy, since you might have to go for hiking and other crucial areas where what type of shoes you are wearing matter a lot.

If you are intending to go for bike backpacking in the winter months then you should also be aware of the dangers involved in the process, owing to low visibility and snow. Better be prepared for emergency like situations. Take a tent shelter with you since you might have to stay at odd places also. Sp a perfect knowledge of the place as well as the environment will work the best for you.

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