Biking Training

Road bikes design has not changed much these past few years but the technology applied to it definitely grew by leaps and bounds. Bikers need to know the different parts and accessories of professional bikes versus amateur ones. They need to understand bike frames, balance, and wheel roundness. Most important, they should easily determine which bike to buy on the terrain that they will travel on.

Biking training has also improved a lot nowadays. Now, with the use of power cranks and heart monitors, athletes can record and improve their progress efficiently. You need to know the basics as well as the science behind this sport. Donít worry if you donít know how to start Ė we can guide you on the latest and most comprehensive review on training plans and programs.

Buying Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

Posted by: Shadaan (10/12/2010 5:28:20 PM)

Buying hitch mounted bike rack is a good choice for you if you plan to take your bike along with you to a far off place for riding. There are various features of mounted bike racks. Almost all the bikers make use of them for moving from one place to another.

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Top 5 Bike Racks for Cars

Posted by: Admin (9/15/2010 10:44:04 PM)

Types of bike racks for cars, there are many types available like the roof bike rack, hitch mount bike rack. Top 5 bike racks for cars will make it easier to decide which one you need to buy.

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Sizing Road Bikes

Posted by: Shadaan (7/29/2010 10:30:53 PM)

A perfect and fit size bike is one of the best things you can get. There are various bikes available in the market and you need to measure the size of road bikes to know which one suits you the best. Sizing road bikes will determine the perfect fit for your bike.

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Top Rated Road Bikes

Posted by: Shadaan (7/29/2010 5:29:09 PM)

There are various types of road bikes available for the riders. They differ in their functioning as well as different type of parts and components. Top rated road bikes include Bianchi Infinito Ultegra, Van Nicholas European Titanium, Fuji bikes. Choose your favourite bike according to your likes and necessities. The market is flooded with these bikes.

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Buying Bike Frame

Posted by: Shadaan (7/29/2010 4:47:23 PM)

Choosing the brake frame is a difficult task if you are a beginner who is buying his first bike. So when you go for buying bike frame make sure you take someone who has enough knowledge. Test drive before you buy the bike. Never compromise on the quality of the bike.

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Mountain Bike Upgrade Parts

Posted by: Shadaan (7/27/2010 10:16:32 PM)

Upgrading bike parts is a must for the bike to remain fit and move effectively. This will help the bike parts to work efficiently. Online you can read a number of reviews as to which bike parts need to upgraded and in how much cost. Also upgradation kits are available in the market which too you can buy.

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Buying Bike Chain Oil

Posted by: Shadaan (7/27/2010 10:18:05 AM)

There are different types of bike chain oil available in the market today, which may differ in terms of cost as well as quality. But you need to buy always the best type of bike chain oil available since it is going to enhance the life of your bike chain. Buying bike chain oil is a tough task.

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How to Oil a Bike Chain

Posted by: Shadaan (7/26/2010 10:22:30 PM)

Oiling bike chain is a must for enhancing the life span of the chain as well as to make the bike work effectively and smoothly. You need to be aware of various bike parts before you begin oiling. Don’t use excessive lubricant on the bike chain. Always keep a sponge with you when lubricating.

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How to Wash a Road Bike

Posted by: Shadaan (7/26/2010 5:20:39 PM)

A complete guide to wash road bike will enable you to know how to wash the road bike. Clean the bike with the help of various things like sponge, brushes. Make sure you have lubricated the chain. Pedals and under the seat area are the most unlooked areas, which too should not be overlooked while washing.

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Guide to Install Roof Mount Bike Rack

Posted by: Shadaan (7/19/2010 8:33:04 PM)

Installing roof mount bike rack is quite easy provided you have the correct knowledge and you are following the right directions. Read the guide to install roof mount bike rack manual which might be given at the time of buying the rack, follow directions carefully. You need to be quite exactly know how to install the bike rack on the roof of your car.

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