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Biking in the Winter

Tips for Biking in Winter

JUN 9 2010

There are a number of tips for biking in winter season, it is a fun ride for many but make sure you are properly covered from head to toe before you venture out. Try to wear maximum clothing so as to keep yourself warm. Keep your bike in working condition as you move out for biking in winter.

The other name of winter biking is snow biking and ice biking. It is one of the most popular adventurous sports and is done in the months of winter when there is ample snow and ice all around. People take active interest in this sport. Riding a cycle on the snowy roads is quite different than in the summer months. It requires a particular style which is different than the normal run. You need to drive cautiously and carefully on the road since a little mistake can lead to many problems for you. You need to avoid front brakes when you drive the bike as it might lead to fall.

What you Wear is Important

In winter biking you also have to give prime importance to what you wear, since keeping yourself warm is very essential. Wear warm clothes, with extra protective layers of clothing so as to prevent yourself from getting hurt from the icy winds and water. Make sure the jacket you are wearing is water resistant. Try to cover your mouth and hands especially so as to avoid frost from entering inside the body. Water resistant gloves are a must. You can also try full mittens, lobster mitts.

It is also advisable to use the special type of winter gear for the winter months, this will involve metal studded tires which are known to improve the traction system of the bike, you can also use hub brakes or drum brakes for your bikes.

Keep your Bike in Good Condition

Try to keep your bike in good proper working condition, make sure it has fuel and good lights. You too should wear a good helmet and visible clothes if you intend to ride at night. On your head try to wear a thin lining of cloth inside the helmet, this will keep your head warm. In your jacket, make sure you have arm pit zippers. Try to go for biking in a group, rather than alone, this is essential especially if you are going out at night time when the visibility is low. If possible wear ski goggles which too will protect your upper face from snow. You should also protect your knees by wearing cycling knee warmers. Just remember that if you are properly covered from head to toe, then you will be in a better position to enjoy the ride.

Your bike requires proper maintenance, go for it before you ride the bike. Checking the bike parts whether it is fully functional or not is needed. Don’t let rust destroy your bike.

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