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Boosterthon Fun Run

About Boosterthon Fun Run

MAY 3 2010

Participating in Boosterthon Fun Run can be a new kind of experience for you since it is quite different from other kinds of fun run. Children here sell something and raise money. Parents donate money depending upon the lap their child has covered. Some criticise the event but others appreciate the idea of getting their children learn basics of running.

Though the prime aim of Boosterthon Fun Run is to raise funds but it also gives a wide platform for the parents and children and their teachers to come together and enjoy the run. The main motto of the run is “fitness, education and character”, the event is by all means quite different from all the other runs. You can donate money per lap which the child has covered in the run is given. Or else you can simply make a donation also. It depends solely upon your choice as to which suits you the best. The basic aim of the fun run is to let the children raise money for their school.

Training for the Fun Run

Before the running event, around a week or so is taken out by the Wills school to train the young ones about running as well as to make them active and fit enough for the run. During this time, children are taught to stay how to stay physically fit and to build strong character along with the running tips. The track for the fun run is basically around 1/16 miles.

The minimum donation which you can make is around one dollar per lap, so you need to be prepared for the same. However, the maximum lap limit has also been kept, this is around 35 laps which the children can run and not much, keeping in view their tender age.

Participating in the Fun Run

During the course of the run, there are a number of spectators present to cheer up the kids. In line, the teachers stand with the markers so as to put the lap which the child has covered on the back of his shirt. After the run, there’s refreshment.

The children also make some selling in the run which could include chocolates, sodas, wrapping paper. Those who buy these products in return are given something.

Those children who win the run are then congratulated by the school and also given prizes depending upon the money they have been able to raise from the event. It is indeed a gala event for the children who are able to win lots of attractive prizes like wrist watch, i Pod and much more.

However, not all agree to this idea of fun, some view it critically also, who don’t seem to like the idea of children becoming salesman. But on the whole it is worth appreciated, since it is an overall new kind of experience for the children.

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