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Breast Cancer Charity Walk

What Charity Walks Are Up For 2010

DEC 3 2009

Charity walks are great events to participate in. Aside from stretching those limbs and exercising them, you are also doing a great favor: doing to the cause of breast cancer. The registration you pay will go to charities that help breast cancer victims and also educate people about it. Here are two charity walks you can join in 2010.

Running and walking can be used as skills for competition, but in other cases, they can also be used to raise funds. In other words, these events can be converted to charity like in the case of breast cancer charity walks.

These walks are meant to benefit charities that are focused on breast cancer victims, as well as being means in which the public is educated about breast cancer.

There are many breast cancer charity walks for you to participate in. You can look for information on the Internet. In here, we will give you some of those walks and give you information on when and where these walks are going to take place in 2010.

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Organized by leading cosmetics provider Avon, this walk takes place several times in a year. The walk takes place for 2 days, and spans a distance of 39 miles. All walks take place on weekends so that more people can join the charity event. It is adequately sponsored. Medical care units stand ready to assist those that are tired or those that collapse along the way.

The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is not a contest or a competition. It would be great if you make it to 39 miles, but no one has to force themselves. The organizers allow you to choose how far you have to walk. You can choose to stop along the way. The goal is not to make a personal record, after all, but to show your commitment towards the cause of further educating people on breast cancer.

There are 9 charity walks under the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer banner in 2010. These dates are:

  • April 10-11 in Houston, Texas
  • May 1-2 in Washington D.C.
  • May 15-16 in Boston
  • June 5-6 in Chicago
  • June 26-27 in Rocky Mountains
  • July 10-11 in San Francisco
  • September 11-12 in Santa Barbara
  • October 16-17 in New York
  • October 23-24 in Charlotte

If you want to participate, register here

Breast Cancer Care: Trek Cuba

Organized by UK-based charity organization Breast Cancer Care, this trek will take place next year on February 27 until March 8. As its name suggests, the charity trek will tour the exotic island of Cuba. Instead of the usual urban walk for several miles, this will be a week-long adventure crossing jungles, passing rivers and climbing hills. At the end of the journey, you will be treated to a wonderful view of the Rio Grande Falls.

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