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Breathing Exercises for Running

Tips for Breathing Effectively

APR 15 2011

There are a number of tips for breathing effectively which runners need to follow if they want to run in the best possible manner. Breathing exercises for running includes belly breathing, cadenced breathing, shallow breathing. You should take short and small breaths follow proper breathing pattern. The more fresh oxygen moves into your body the better it is for your running and health.

Breathing in the proper manner forms an essential aspect of running. Those runners who are able to breathe in a proper manner are able to take the best advantage of running.

Learning Breathing Techniques:

  • There are a number of people who do not give prime emphasis to breathing when they run, while there are others who associate running only with the legs. But this is not right as breathing too forms an essential component of running.
  • Those runners who breathe in properly at the time of running are said to be far better runners than those who do not emphasise on running, since as we breathe in more and more of oxygen, lots of fresh air is brought inside the body.
  • There are various techniques of breathing at the time of running.
  • You should always breathe from your mouth rather than through the nose. This is very important since many runners are not aware of this fact.
  • When you breathe through the mouth, more of fresh oxygen enters your body.

Types of Breathing Exercises:

  • Belly breathing is an effective form of breathing. This implies you should not breathe from your chest.
  • Instead of taking long and deep breaths, it is preferable that you should take short and small breaths. This will enable you to run faster and cover longer distances.
  • You need to make the best possible use of your ears when you are running. Your ears can feel whether you are breathing heavily or moderately.
  • You need to keep a check on your breathing ratio also.
  • If you are going for light jogging then you should be maintaining a breathing ratio of 3:2. This ratio is said to be helpful in the proper circulation of the oxygen throughout the body.
  • Cadenced breathing: is yet another kind of effective breathing but this is said to be quite tough to follow. You need to practice a lot.
  • In cadenced breathing, a proper rhythm is to be maintained between your running and your breathing.
  • This method is basically followed by experienced runners and not by the beginners.

It has often been seen that during a long run, at halfway the runner simply loses his focus due to the loss of breath. So learning breathing exercises is a must. Breathing needs to be associated with movement of hands and legs.

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