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Breathing Techniques for Jogging

Benefits of Breathing Properly

AUG 3 2011

There are various benefits of breathing properly, the most important being that it leads to overall fitness of the body and make your jogging more effective. In case you are not breathing in the right manner it is possible that you might suffer from dizziness or nausea also. Breathing techniques for jogging involves breathing through your mouth, nose, belly breathing.

If you want to get the best out of your jogging techniques then it is also very much important that you give special consideration to the manner in which you breathe while you are jogging.

The way you jog includes not just your jogging gear but also your breathing techniques.

Learning to Breathe Properly-

  • If you are able to learn as to how to breathe at the time of jogging this will be very much beneficial for you.
  • Breathing through your nose is said to be the best for joggers and hence you need to know as to how to do it.
  • If you are breathing through your nose the best thing is that it lets you inhale as well as exhale the air in a much more better way and hence you feel good from within.
  • If you feel you are not able to continue breathing through the nose then it is essential that you stop jogging and move on to walking for a few minutes, take back your breath and continue again.
  • You need to start jogging on a slow pace and then slowly try to build up your breathing pattern. This will help you all the more.
  • As you increase your jogging steps, increase your breath also.
  • In case you are not feeling good it might be due to non availability of the right kind of oxygen.
  • This situation needs to be handled carefully or else it might lead to tiredness and uneasiness.

Belly Breathing While Jogging:

  • Belly breathing is said to be quite effective technique for joggers. This is also called as diaphragmatic breathing. In this you have to breathe in a way that your stomach expands.
  • This will help you in inhaling more of fresh oxygen and this is going to be beneficial for you.
  • When you are listening to music this also has a good effect on your breathing pattern.
  • You can easily match your inhalations and exhalations with the music beats.
  • You must always remember that if you are not breathing properly while you are jogging then it might lead to dizziness and nausea also.
  • It is very much recommended that you consult a good doctor and ask him about your breathing pattern.
  • Once you get a nod from the doctor only then you need to start the jogging and breathing in a particular manner.
  • Breathing properly will have wonderful effects on your overall fitness also.
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