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Buying Bike Chain Oil

Types of Bike Chain Oil

JUL 27 2010

There are different types of bike chain oil available in the market today, which may differ in terms of cost as well as quality. But you need to buy always the best type of bike chain oil available since it is going to enhance the life of your bike chain. Buying bike chain oil is a tough task.

You need to take care of your bike chain in an effective manner. This involves using the right kind of lubricating oil on the chain. This is going to keep the chain healthy as well as enhance its life term. Further the oil will ensure that the bike is moving perfectly thereby giving you a perfect and smooth ride.

Buying the Bike Oil

You should be very much careful with the type of oil you are using for your bike. Always remember that you should not use any low quality oil which can prove to be harmful for your bike. It is good if you use only good quality oil for your bike.

WD 40 is having a mix response from the bike drivers. While for some it has good results there are many others who refuse to use the same. Those who prefer to use WD 40 say that it can be used with a lot of pressure and is also used to displace water.

Types of Bike Oil Available

WD-40 spray is not considered to be quite good for your bike chain. There are several reasons for the same. it is basically a rust preventive substance though it is considered to be quite effective on lighter machine parts but when it comes to bike chain it does not work well enough since bike chain is quite heavy for the WD-40 to work effectively. Thus it is better not to use the same for the bike oil as it won’t be having much effect on the bike chain.

When you go to buy the oil it is better if you check out two or more lubricating oils for your bike chain rather than buying the first one itself.

BMW's R1200GS is basically used for the shaft bike drives. Though most shaft drive bikes need regular maintenance, but using this oil too will help.

With regard to the lubrication, there are various types available in the market today. Motorex chain cleaner is yet another agent being used. It is considered to be effective on the O ring chains.

Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube- it is one of the thick lubricants around, you can buy the same for effective working. It will leave a white residue at the end. But since this is quite sticky so it will enable the dirt to get clinched to the chain.

You can even use kerosene which too works well, but if you have better options you need to go out with them.

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