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Buying Boston Marathon Jacket

Guide to Buy Boston Marathon Jacket

DEC 21 2009

Basically two types of Boston Marathon Jackets are available, which are bought by the runners. All those taking part in the race take immense pride in wearing the official Boston marathon jacket. It not only gives them a feeling of participating in the race but also of becoming a part of such a magnificent event.

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest marathon, it is considered as the most prestigious marathon which drives a large number of runners annually. As many as 25,000 participants take part in the race which moves through eight cities and towns. It begins in the rural town of Hopkinton and ends at Boston’s Back Bay. The race covers a total distance of about 26 miles.

Though wearing the Boston Marathon jacket is said to be mandatory but there are a few who may not wear it at all. But the best part is the look and colour of the jacket and it is available for both the males and females at an affordable price of just $90. You can purchase it online or from the store, the choice is exclusively yours, whatever you are comfortable in.

From where to buy the Boston Marathon Jacket

The jacket is available in the store which is located near the finish line of the race. The store has basically two types on jackets one is the screen printed jackets which are available for around $60 and the embroidered ones are available for a higher $90. You simply had to wait in the line, get yourself registered and get the jacket, sometimes even at a discount! Indeed they are a sort of status symbol for all those who own it, after all it makes you feel high as you have participated in such a great event.

The funniest part is that over the weekend you can see a large number of people walking the streets of Boston wearing those jackets. They are a perfect buy since you can wear them again and again long after the race is over as well.

Types of Bostom Marathon Jackets Available

Usually there are two types of jackets which have been made available by the organisers. One is the trainer type and the other is the nylon shell/wind breaker style. The latter is perfect keeping in view the long distance you need to walk and also the weather conditions. It is a light weight jacket and thus is all the more comfortable.

The official race jacket is blue and yellow in colour with B.A.A. emblem and unicorn on the back. It has some stripe of Addidas. The women’s Addidas official jacket comes in bold colours and has ClimaProof shell for the regulation of climate and flatlock seams for comfort which reduces skin irritation. It keeps the heat, rain and snow out and has front zipper pockets. The idea is to enjoy the marathon without compromising the dress.

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