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Buying Cross Country Running Spikes

Types of Cross Country Running Spikes

APR 26 2010

Buying Cross Country Running Spikes is a must for those who intend to run in the areas of excessive mud, dirt and sand. Also if the surface is going to be slippery than too you need to buy Cross Country Running Spikes. Various types are available for both men and women.

Running Spikes are primarily used by those runners who run on the field and track. Their main aim is to run in the sprint events and for that purpose, running spikes serves the best. However the running spikes are also available for cross country runners. They are lightweight and have spikes on the bottom which can be removed as well. The spikes of the cross country runners are said to be a bit longer than those meant for the spinners.

Benefits of Cross Country Spikes

Though these spikes work in the same fashion as the sprinters but they are able to provide the runner with enough of traction system on the ground. But before you run, you need to have a view of the race course since the spikes work well if most of your race takes place in the course which has enough of sand, gravel and dirt. If the surface is slippery then indeed the spikes have to be longer in size. So the course plays a major role in deciding the kind of spikes you need to wear.

Types of Cross Country Running Spikes

Asics Hyper Cross Country Running Spikes

These come with effective features which make them a must for cross country runners. They are provided with EVA midsole which increase the cushioning and thus serve to protect your feet when you run on the rough surfaces. The solid rubber outsole makes them durable running spikes. Available at an affordable price range they can be used for both the cross country and track running.

Women's Saucony Grid Kilkenny XC2-Spike

They are meant for women runners and weigh around 1.6 ounces. They are provided with a narrow toe box and come with the compression molded EVA midsole. The outsole is made up of carbon rubber and the synthetic mesh upper makes them both lightweight as well as durable spikes.

Arriba are versatile spikes which you can wear not just for cross country training but also for running on the tracks. They are very light weight and breathable as well. They are made in China, and the upper sole consists of synthetic mesh upper. These are the product from the Addidas Company and hence you can bank upon them in terms of durability and stability.

Men’s Brook Mach 9

They are provided with cushioning system and hence they are light weight spikes. In order to provide strength and durability to the shoes, they are equipped with DRB Accel in the midfoot.

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