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Buying Half Marathon Jewellery

What Jewellery to Buy for Half Marathon

DEC 24 2009

A numbers of options are available in half marathon jewellery. The basic aim of wearing the jewellery is to instil confidence in you and to reward you for the brilliant work accomplished.

Before buying half marathon jewellery you need to know what types of jewellery are available which you can wear in the marathon.

With regard to the Half Marathon Jewellery a number of options are available which are good to look and nice to wear.

Running charms are considered as one of the best and most popular jewellery item. These can be worn in a number of ways like you can use them in a bracelet where a number of charms can be simultaneously used or you can wear a number of charms on a silver or gold chain which ever you prefer. People are more attracted towards the chain because it enhances the beauty of the charm and makes it look more serene and elegant. Basically 0.925 sterling silver is used for the jewellery, the length of the chain is around 18 inches and that of the clasp is around 2.5”.

Other Jewellery options-Yet the other options available as far as half marathon jewellery is concerned are the handcrafted jewellery. Indeed they make for the perfect gift which you give to a runner in any season. These include the following-

Custom Race Tag Spacer Bead- This can be added to any of yours Biagi, Pandora, Chamilia bead bracelet. On the front is engraved the venue of the race, the race type as well as time and date. On the back side you can also get your own finishing time engraved.

Coral Earrings- Coral is symbolic of courage and energy, so gifting them to any runner will surely act as a motivating factor. These earrings are priced at around $14 and are handcrafted in sterling silver. Garnet Earrings are said to boost the confidence level, enhance self esteem and fight depression also. So it is a perfect gift for someone who is lacking in self confidence to win the race.

Finish Line Flower Earrings 14 kt gold- These earrings come in the form of flowers and in the centre you get engraved all that you have accomplished, you can wear these and just feel proud of your work.

Citrine pendant- Citrine is known as the success stone and thereby wearing it can guide you on the path of success and prosperity. If it is worn in combination with the Garnet stone it is likely to make you victorious.

Black Onyx Bracelet- Black Onyx apart from promoting energy and vigour is also known to ward off fear and worries so it is a must for the runners. It is available at around 74$.

Run Triangle Bead 14kt Gold- It has the word run engraved on each of the three corners of the triangle. Made from 14 kt gold it is worth buying.

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