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Buying Hill Walking Gear

What to Keep in Your Walking Gear

JAN 16 2010

In order to buy hill walking gear you should be aware of what to keep in your walking gear. Walking on hills can be a tedious task if proper arrangements have not been made. So it is of utmost importance to have a good gear especially the boots and jacket to make your visit easier.

At the base of the mountain it may appear calm and mild but once you move upwards, the cold may be unbearable with wild winds making it almost difficult for you to move ahead. Always remember that an inadequate walking gear can not only play havoc with your travel but also put you at a greater risk of health. So it is important that you choose the right walking gear.

Walking boots form the most important piece of walking equipment. You need to check them before hand so as to avoid any foot blisters and calluses later on. Make sure they are fit for your feet and that you are comfortable in walking after wearing them. To choose the correct boots you need to take into account the terrain where you intend to go, weight which you are going to carry in rucksack, the level of support and protection which will be needed. Your walking boots must also be waterproof.

Your walking gear must have some other essential items as well. These may include the appropriate type of socks which are comfortable for you to wear, they shouldn’t be too thin or otherwise you run the risk of having blisters in your feet.

Walking jacket should be warm, waterproof and windproof. It should be light weight and must give you enough space to breathe in. They should be able to keep the wind and rain away. There are available Ski jackets which can be insulated jackets, non insulated jackets, down ski jackets and coats.

Your walking trousers should be light weight and easy fitting, try to wear the trousers which are made from the synthetic material as they will dry easily when they become wet, this will make it easier for you to walk without any trouble. You can also wear a thin thermal top as your base layer as they are good keeping your body and also helps in absorbing sweat. As far as your rucksack is concerned try not to have too large a bag which makes it difficult for you to walk even, rather try to keep only the basic material which goes well with your walking gear. Don’t forget to wear hats and gloves. This too will go a long way in keeping the cold away.

Among other things you also need to have the map of the place which will guide you all along. You also need to carry a survival bag, a compass, whistle and tent among other things. Try to keep food and drinks as well so that you don’t starve on

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