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Buying Infant Jogging Stroller

Choosing the Best Infant Jogging Stroller

AUG 31 2010

You need to follow the tips on buying infant jogging stroller if you want to buy the best stroller. See that it should be light weight and with a single fold. It should be having swivel wheels and a large sun hood. Buying infant jogging stroller is good if you want to take your kid on the jog.

Most of the parents prefers to take their infants also when they go for jogging and hence the need of infant jogging stroller arises. You can easily buy one since a large number of these strollers are available in the market today.

Buying Infant Jogging Stroller

Infant jogging strollers are made with care and comfort is the prime aim of these strollers. Make sure you buy one which suits the needs of your infant. It is up to you to decide whether you want the stroller with swivel wheels or fixed wheels.

Swivel wheels are easy and more in demand since it becomes easy to move ahead easily in a jammed road also. They are good for not just running but also for jogging and walking and exercise. On the other hand buy fixed wheels only if you are living on the hills, where there purpose is best served.

It is highly recommended that you go for take your baby on the stroller when your infant is around 6-8 weeks old. When you go to buy the stroller make sure you are buying the one which has an adjustable handlebar. See that it is easy in your hands and not quite heavy.

Types of Infant Jogging Stroller

Go for a stroller which is easy to fold also, since then it becomes easy for you to take it in your car also. The stroller should be having a large sun hood in order to protect infant from harmful sun rays.

Valco Ion Single

It is a branded light weight stroller. It has just one fold and is a very comfortable stroller with all the basic features like a comfortable seat, full recline and push, a big basket. It has a really cool look and you can simply bank upon this one.

Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger Stroller – Sonic

It is a light weight stroller built of steel and hence quite durable. It also consists of a peek a boo window which indeed makes it an attractive one. It is quite stylish in looks. The stroller also has a parent tray where you can listen to the MP3.

Apart from these, the stroller also has a front wheel lock which you can use while you are jogging as well as unlock when you are just walking. The canopy consists of a sun roof which prevents your child not just from sun but rain as well. The stroller has a large storage basket where you can keep the necessary things which your infant might need.

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