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Buying Low Rise Running Shorts

Tips to Buy Rise Running Shorts

MAY 12 2010

With regard to the types of low rise running shorts, they are available in different styles and comfort range. Most of them are designed in a way so as to keep you cool and comfortable. When you go for buying low rise running shorts, see the various features which they offer.

Running shorts serve the best needs and requirements of a large number of runners. Earlier people never bothered to wear these shorts but over the time period they have quite realised the benefits of wearing low rise running shorts, especially in countries where the weather is too hot. Running shorts are available in different style and types and you need to choose which one best suits your requirements.

Women's RRS Velocity 3" Short

These shorts are meant for women and you can wear them every day for running with ease. These are light weight shorts and made with a stretchable fabric. These shorts have a spit design which enables the runners to run easily without hampering their movement. It has an inseam 3” which is available in almost all the sizes. The shorts are designed in a way so as to wick away the moisture from the shorts during the running. The good thing is that the inner brief has been provided with anti bacterial properties. They have a pocket big enough for you to keep your necessary belongings like keys or music player with ease. In case you intend to run in the night then too you can wear them since the front is reflective so you will be easily visible in the dark. In the inner side, there is yet one more pocket available.

Disciplines Women's Low-rider Running Shorts

These are the low rising shorts meant for women. They have a great look and also make a very comfortable wear. They fit just below the waist. With regard to their features, they are made up of micro fibre fabric which ensures that they are moisture free and also breathable. These shorts are available in various colours like white, maroon, purple and many more colours thus you can always opt for your favourite colour. You can easily wash them in the machine. These low riding shorts consists of a large inside key pocket. The elasticity has been provided only on the back of the shorts, there is a V notch on the sides of the short. These are designed in a way so as to keep you cool and comfortable while you are on the run.

Asics Women's Hali Low-rise Running Shorts

These are one of the finest shorts from Asics for women. The material consists of 88% nylon while the rest is Lycra jersey. They are provided with a key pocket on the external side of the shorts, these shorts consist of 3.5” inseam. There is also an embroidered logo on these shorts.

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