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Buying Marathon Gifts

Tips for Buying Marathon Gifts

NOV 30 2009

Are you confused about what gifts to buy your marathon friends this Christmas? The season is fast approaching, and you need to find ideas fast so you can save up and buy them. It’s never too late after all. Read on, and find out what ideas that you can make us of for your holiday marathon gift shopping.

This holiday, everyone will obviously be busy with buying gifts for friends and loved ones. If you know someone who is into running, what else is best to give them as a Christmas gift but marathon items?

Shopping for Marathon Gifts

In order to shop, the first thing you need to know is where to shop. For one, the Internet is the perfect place for looking. The Internet has almost all of the information that one needs. Marathon gift ideas are not an exception; there are a lot of ideas that you can find in the Internet.

Common Gift Ideas

There are a lot of marathon-related ideas for gifts. You can take your pick from any of them, and you can even mix one idea with the other to come up with a unique idea of your own.

Here are some of the common ideas for marathon gifts:

Marathon gear

Anyone who is into running will certainly appreciate gear given to them as a gift. There are a variety of running gifts that you can give. First, of course, would be running shoes. The recipient will certainly find this useful and will appreciate this a lot.

You can also try giving them running jackets. These jackets are essential for protecting the runner from cold weather, since some runs do push through rain or shine.

Marathon mementos

When you join a marathon, it is common practice for organizers to give away some mementos or gifts to serve as memoirs of their experience during the run. While you can certainly keep these mementos for yourself, you can also think about giving away some of these for those that haven’t been able to come.

Marathon mementos can range from plaques, posters, pictures, baseball caps, t-shirts and many others.

Picture frames

Some people may not know it, but there are shops that offer marathon-related picture frames. These frames, while they could be used to store pictures of you or the recipient joining a marathon, also by default carry pictures with text such as “I’m a Marathoner” and many others.

Dog tags

Some gift shops offer customized dog tags. You can use these dog tags as a way to identify the recipient as a marathoner by having it engraved with his or her name and the events that he or she has participated in. This will make these dog tags the perfect ID’s and proof of their participation in marathons.


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