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Buying Marathon Running Shorts

Types of Marathon Running Shorts

SEP 15 2010

Before buying marathon running shorts you should take in to account the weather of the place where you will run. Depending upon the requirements various types of marathon running shorts are available in the market today. Thus, giving you more choices to choose from. Choose the texture of the shorts with much care, it should give enough of breathing space to your skin.

Buying the best kind of running shorts for marathon running is a must as it improves your performance and also makes you look good. Today a wide variety of running shorts are available to choose from as per your need. No longer do you have to remain contented with just old cotton or nylon shorts rather more exclusive varieties are now available.

What You Need to Look for in the Shorts

The type of short you are going to wear depends upon the weather of the place where you are going to run. So keep a look at the weather before you buy the shorts whether it will be wet, cold or dry. The basic aim of the running shorts is to keep you dry by pulling away all the sweat from your body. So you can easily confront even the toughest of all the weather by opting for insulating shorts or water repellent shorts. Reflective shorts work well if you have to cover a large part of your race at night time and there is going to be poor visibility.

Before buying, take the measurement of your waist and hip so that you buy according to your size and that they are neither too loose nor too tight for you. Amongst the large number of running shorts, the Micro Soft shorts are one of the best as they are made up of polyester and is said to be even better than other fabrics like silk. It is also known to help the sweat to evaporate quickly. It is said to best suited to be worn during marathon as well. Try not to wear cotton or nylon shorts since they will not protect you from this. When it comes to choosing the length of the shorts it basically depends upon the individual’s choice.

Types of Shorts

There are a variety of shorts available in the market and it can be quite puzzling as to which to buy. They can be very short just 1” or very long 7”. But if you think that your thighs will function better in long shorts then the short ones, then you are advised to go for longer shorts.

There are also available ultra performance distance shorts which also have triple cargo back pocket in them. These are specifically designed for the long runs. They have elastic designed across the top of the pockets which helps to keep the gel and power bars secure.

The best part is the pockets in these shorts, these come very handy especially if you are going for long distances. But keep a look at the price tag.

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