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Buying Marathon Walking Shoes

What Type of Marathon Walking Shoes You Should Buy

DEC 30 2009

Buying Marathon Walking Shoes can be a difficult task since you need shoes which are easy to wear and durable as you have to wear them throughout the day and even at night. What type of walking shoes you should buy therefore depends upon a number of factors; make a detailed survey before you choose one.

The best shoe is one which fits your feet the best and is flexible enough. Each person’s feet are different than the rest and so every person has his own requirements. You can take the advice of a shoe expert who can help you in choosing the shoes that are best suited to your feet and you are able to walk with speed and style.

Shoe Qualities which should be seen

While buying shoes make sure that they are flexible enough for your feet. They are not tight and have much space to let your feet breathe in. You should not go with the look of the shoe alone, in case it looks good but is stiff you should not buy it since later on you may find it difficult to take each step.

Don’t go for shoes which have high heels, since you have to run for a long distance so opt for fat heel shoes. You should look for round and supportive heeled shoes. The toe area should be easy to bend. Hiking boots is also preferred by the walkers but they may not suit the feet of all as a few may find them to be a bit heavy and inflexible. Look for shoes that are light weight.

When you go for buying the shoes always remember that the shoe which you are purchasing has enough of gap between your toes and the end of the shoe. It should be easy for your toe to move properly without any effort.

Things to remember while buying shoes

Always remember to buy the shoe after you have walked a lot may be you go for buying at noon time or at night rather than early in the morning since in the morning your feet is a bit stiff and becomes flexible as the day passes. Also you must wear the same socks which you intend to wear on the day of marathon. This too helps in deciding which shoe fits the best.

Always make it a point to walk a bit in the shop after wearing both the new shoes, this too can give you an idea whether the shoe fits your feet or not. Go for shopping when you have enough time at your hand, since in a hurry you may not be able to buy the best and in the end regret it at the day of marathon. Walkers and runners run the chance of causing blisters, boils or any feet injury if they choose carelessly what they wear. You may even take the help of your coach in deciding on the issue. Never commit the mistake of buying fancy shoes which may get broken down in between the way.

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