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Buying Running Compression Shorts

Tips for Buying Compression Shorts

APR 28 2010

There are various tips for buying compression shorts which you need to keep in mind like the size of the shorts matter, the fabric too varies and not all the shorts are of the same kind, they vary for men and women. Buying running compression shorts helps the athletes to keep their muscles warm and also light.

When it comes to running, wearing compression shorts is a must since they help to keep your muscles warm which in turn are able to prevent strains and pulls during the exercise programme. They are available for both the men and women runners. They are tight fitting and used by the runners in marathon and long distance running.

Benefits of Compression Shorts

They are helpful in separating the groin and hamstring muscles which in turn provides warmth. Wearing them is also able to save your skin from rashes and hence athletes wear them during practising sessions and at the time of competitions and trainings.

When it comes to buying the compression shorts, you need to be a bit careful since they differ in quality and fabric. Some are designed to provide a good fit while others are designed to wick away the moisture and offer protection from the odour. Before you buy just check the size and the brand. You may even consult the fitness trainer. But it all depends upon the kind of sport you indulge in as well as the weather conditions.

Under Armour Core Ventilated Compression Short

They serve you well if you have to run in winters, they are designed in a way so as to trap the heat and hence keep the muscles warm. They also prevent the stiffening of the muscles.

Nike Dri-FIT Pacer Two-in-One Men's Running Shorts

They offer good ventilation, provided with the DriFit fabric which is able to wick away the moisture and thus keep you dry even in the hardest of the weather seasons. There are mesh panel at the side seams and a zip pocket at the center back. It also has a pocket for keeping the media player.

Under Armour Heat Gear Compression Shorts

It comes in white colour and made of good fabric. It is able to keep the moisture at bay and thus you can remain comfortable. It has flat seams and it is regarded as the best compression short for the football, baseball and basketball runners. It is fitted with micro fibre and this makes it light weight.

Compression Shorts for Women are designed keeping in view the female body shape in mind. Thus they are not very long shorts and the inseam is also very short. The waistband is also thicker. The compression shorts may vary depending upon the weather season so there are cold weather compression shorts as well as warm weather shorts.

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