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Buying Running Gels

Steps to Buy Best Running Gels

DEC 28 2009

Though runners may prepare their own energy snacks and drinks but it is advisable to buy running gels form market. Have cheaper gels but make sure that they haven’t been prepared from unnecessary supplements.

Gels can be bought as per convenience and preference. Running gels have special benefits but they must be taken carefully as improper intake can be hazardous.

Estimate your requirement you have before buying running gels like in what quantity you would be having them. This planning depends upon one’s personality and the running distance. Market is flooded with running gels of different varieties. Their tastes and textures must be decided prior to buying them. You can also test these gels for selecting the fittest one. Such arrangements can also be done during the long training runs you practice.

None can deny running as high intensity exercising activity. Our bodies use combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to burn energy. When we run bodies require compensatory diet. Carbohydrates are mandatory for running workouts because they have quality to store and transport energy in body. Runners fail to maintain pace when there is lack of carbohydrate.

Why to Buy Running Gels?

Several factors are associated with the need of having running gels. These factors are supportive for the runners buying suitable gels. Drinking water on regular basis in the race drinks stations or water fountains are great to maintain body metabolism. When you take running gels at appropriate time you make best preparation for running marathon. Such gels are excellent and provide energy to individuals running.

Availability and Packaging

All types of running gels are sold at sports stores. These gels are packed properly before being supplied in the market. Quality check and product guarantee is also done to reassure that no wrong product is sent to market. Even though lots of precautionary steps are taken runners must check item description and quality minutely before buying any running gels like they do while buying other items including energy bars and energy drinks.

Running Gels are Boons

Runners know it well that gels are best to provide carbohydrates to the bodies. That is why such gels are denoted with different names including energy gel, sports gel, endurance gel, nutritional gel and carbohydrate gel amongst others. Usually these gels are sold in packets with strips and small notch at their upper portions. Nearly 4.5 inch long packet is narrowed on the upper side which is peeled off by the runners for having these gels.

Sports specialists suggest that running gels must be used at least 15 minutes before the start of running schedule. Similarly gels can also be taken again 30-45 minutes after running race gets started. You can skip first dose in case you have taken high carbohydrate meal before beginning race. Last but not the least intake of running gel entirely depends upon body metabolism, weight and fitness level of individual runners.

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