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Buying Schwinn 202 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Review of Schwinn 202 Recumbent Exercise Bike

JUL 8 2010

The review of Schwinn 202 Recumbent exercise bike will help you in analysing the positive features of the bike yourself and hence you can buy the same. It has on board computer, measures heart rate. Thus, buying Schwinn 202 Recumbent exercise bike is good for those who want to lose weight.

There are a number of types of bikes available for those who want to maintain weight and also stay fit, so they have probably a large number of options to choose from as to which bike to buy. These bikes are different from each other and have various positive features. Schwinn 202 Recumbent Exercise Bike is also one such kind of bike, which has both the positive as well as negative aspects. There are a number of fitness minded people who prefer to use this bike, while there are many who don’t appreciate it.

Positive Aspects of the Bike

It is a perfect bike for those who are old or are overweight since it is easy to use and helps to lose weight in a considerable quick amount of time. It is a very stable kind of machine and hence well appreciated by the people.
For those people whose aim is to lose weight it is the best machine. It is one of the best machines from Schwinn. There are companies like Bowflex and Exercise Bike Superstore which sell these machines online, so you can always them online without having to go there. These may be available at around $350 so they are quite affordable also. The total weight of the equipment might be around 97lbs. The machine comes with a five year warranty while its electrical and mechanical parts have a warranty of around one year.

The machine measures as to how much calorie the person is able to burn while using the machine, it also has an on board computer that is helpful in monitoring the time you spend on the bike. The machine has been designed in a way so as to provide you with maximum fitness in minimum amount of time.

The electronics within the bike are easy to use by one and all. You can easily read a book as well as watch TV as you exercise; there is almost no noise in the bike.

The bike is known to have more resistance levels than other bikes. Also, there is no need for you to go outside for losing weight, you can easily workout at home itself.

Negative Features of the Bike

But on the other, the bike has some bad features as well. The heart rate monitor might not be able to give you the correct reading all along. The resistance level too has been known to develop some faults after using it for hours.
But on the whole the bike is good and effective to be purchased.

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