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Buying Snowshoe for Walking

Features to Look for in Snowshoes

JAN 5 2010

With the coming of winter season the importance of snowshoes increases all the more. They help you in performing all your outdoor work in a better way, without you having to worry about the effects of winter on your feet. Buying snowshoe for walking in snow is a must, before buying a number of features have to be looked in the snowshoes.

You find it difficult to wear snowshoes at first but with time you may get used to wearing them. In fact you have to learn how to walk after you wear these. Snowshoes are used in places where there is too much ice so they help to keep the feet off the snow and help you in walking easily over the icy terrain. These shoes are a bit different than the normal shoes as they are worn over the boots and shoes and are then tied with straps. They are ideal for the winter season when you want to enjoy various winter games like skiing, golf or simply running on the snow.

The snowshoes are primarily used on packed trails, gently rolling terrain and slopes and hills. They are not heavy rather they are sleek, light and effective. If you have to go out in the snow then prefer to wear them. But a little understanding is essential before using them.

Buying snowshoes depends upon your activity

Aerobic snowshoes are well suited for long walks so you should wear them from the point of view of staying fit. These are lighter in weight so you can even run for long distances by wearing them. But remember that you shouldn’t wear these when you go out for trekking as they may sink in the snow. When buying the aerobic snowshoes, opt for the ones which are light weight as the heavier snowshoes may lower down your walking speed. Modern snowshoes are made of plastic which you can easily wear and they are comfortable as well.

Be careful when buying these shoes, choose flexible snowshoe bindings as they are helpful in making you walk and run at a fast speed. Prefer to wear those snowshoes which have a very light traction as these shoes will be used by you on shallow snow. Also if they have long spikes then they may even slow down your speed.

Features to look for in snowshoes

You should be aware of where you intend to use these snowshoes i.e. the type of terrain, since only then you can decide upon the type of binding which will suit you. Also the toe of the shoe should be turned upwards so that snow doesn’t get accumulated on the top of the shoe. Opt for the shoe made from aluminium or carbon frame as it would be the lightest and durable also. Choose your footwear properly which goes well with the snowshoe. Avoid snowshoes that are too long, always check whether they are fit for your feet or not before buying.

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