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Buying Sockless Running Shoes

Guide to Buy Sockless Running Shoes

MAY 5 2010

Wearing shoes without socks form part of the folklore and there are many runners who prefer to go that way. Buying sockless running shoes is possible as various shoe companies design such shoes. Runners wear socks when it is too hot or if they have to run for long distances or else they stay away from wearing them.

Though wearing socks is a must when you go for running but sometimes the feet may stink due to dirt or due to moisture when the bacteria starts to grow. Stinking socks is a common problem faced by the runners. It is for this reason that many of the runners prefer not to wear them. Banana republic loafer socks are a good option to wear, as they do not stink and you can wear them for long. If you wear boots then too you can keep yourself away from wearing socks.

Going Sockless in Shoes

Though you need to wear socks on sneakers like Vans, Nikes but you can be sockless on boat shoes like sperry topsiders. In that way you won’t be having any problems. Applying baby powder on your feet too can save your feet from stinky feeling and hence you can wear the socks. In fact you can wear TOMS without the sock that is perfectly fine. In fact it is better never to wear socks with espadrille styled shoes.

Benefits of Going Sockless

Going sockless help you to learn as to how to run with proper form and style. Without socks, the feet can get a better fit in the heel. If you are the one who wouldn’t prefer to waste time while wearing socks on a marathon then you can opt for Spenco neophrene insoles. They do not require any additional support or arch cookies rather you can change them just like you change your socks and in all the ways they are far better than wearing socks.

If you have finally decided that from now onwards you will be going sockless then you need to do the following- before running, wear the shoes without socks at your home and move around the house for a week or so. This way your feet will adjust to your shoes. Also, you can rub a balm on your feet so as to save your feet from any inside imperfections of the shoes. It becomes easier to find out where the shoe is hurting you the most when you wear them without the socks.

Various shoe companies design the shoes which you can wear without the socks like the Mizuno, Zoots, Brooks Beasts, Asics Gel Speedstar 3. But you need to remember before trying these shoes that due to difference in feet what suits one runner may not suit the other runner at all. So the best thing is to try on your own.

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Name: SeaRunner

It all in the fit and feel that your feet can handle. While running you receive a better road feel feedback while running without socks. I mostly wear Asics running shoes like the Nimbus 13 without socks. Feel will sweat reguardless of wearing socks or not. After running some races in the Southeastern US in the mid summer months, sweating in running shoes without socks do create a enviroment for very smelly shoes. Plus after a race, standing around taking to others for a couple of hours wearing the shoes you have just ran in does not help.

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