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Buying Walking Gifts

What Gifts to Buy for a Walker

FEB 17 2010

What gifts to buy for a walker is tough indeed. You need to give them something which is helpful to them. Since it is an easy task, buying walking gifts can be somewhat perplexing.

Buy gifts which make walking a healthier and enjoyable experience. A large number of gifts are available to choose from

Here’s a list of the gifts which you can gift to walkers.

Pedometer- It can be a wonderful gift for the walkers. It will enable the walker to know how much he has walked, and how many more miles he has to cover. The steps covered, distance travelled and calories which have been burned can be easily known.

Hydration bottles- Walkers need to take in ample amount of water failing which they might feel dehydrated. So you can give them this gift which is easy to clean and easy to fill also. It is completely insulated and so it keeps the water cool for many hours.

Walking stick- you can easily make it at home or buy online or from one of the stores and this way gifting a walking stick is all the more important.

Energy drinks- For those people who walk for long hours, you can make energy drinks and serve them. All you need will be sugar, lemonade, salt and a few more essentials. The energy drinks help the walkers to carry on for a long time.

Apple iPod- Walking long distances can sometimes appear quite boring. If such is the case then gifting an Apple iPod can be wonderful. The 5th generation nano ipod also has a small pedometer to measure the distance along with that it has a radio FM so you can simply tune into your favourite songs when you go for a walk.

Folding Treadmill- It serves as one of the best gift for women walkers. It can be easily kept at home, and thereby help to burn down the calories. These come with a lifetime warranty and are durable to use. They are beneficial for those who do not get much time to go out and walk and prefer to do the workout at home.

Calorie Monitor Watch- You can think about gifting this great calorie monitor watch to all those walkers who walk with the aim of losing weight. It will enable you to keep a track of how much calories you burn while walking, how much calories you eat per day as well as keep a check on your diet.

Walking socks- these will help the walker to move with ease and comfort. Since wearing everyday socks can cause blisters and other wounds. So gift walking socks and help your friend derive pleasure in walking with ease.

Foot Pampering Kit- This can be a walker’s delight. This includes foot balm, foot renewal cream, creams to soften your foot and also avoid calluses and blisters.

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