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Buying Women's Running Spikes

Guide to Buy Women's Running Spikes

APR 30 2010

There are a various types of running spikes available in the market which are meant specifically for women runners. Thus they are provided with effective cushioning, light weight and make it easy to go for smooth run. Companies like Asics design spikes for women. When you go for buying women’s running spikes make sure to wear them in the store itself.

Getting a perfect pair of running spikes can make your run not just easy but smooth as well. Whether you are just a beginner in running, or an experienced runner, running spikes can always make you feel comfortable.

Positive Features of Spikes

Spikes are considered important if you intend to run on the grass or areas where there is dirt and sand since they will also prevent you from injuries and wounds. However for running on pavements normal running shoes can be simply fine.

If you have to run off the road, then you need to opt for specialised cross country running spikes as they will give you more grip when you run. Thus you will be in a position to run faster without losing your balance. Yet another advantage of wearing spikes is that they will prevent the usual pulls and strains which you would otherwise suffer from. For different types of running, different types of spikes are available and so you need to choose wisely depending upon your needs.

Spikes for Women

Various companies are designing running spikes meant specifically for women. Basically the girls’ running spikes come in various bright colours like pink, green. Girls can opt for spikes meant for men but they need to be sure of the size, which often tends to be bigger. When you go to buy the spikes, wear them in the store itself to see if your comfortable in them.

Women's Nike Zoom Jana Star III- These are the advanced track spike racer meant for women, these will surely appeal to you keeping in view the style and the looks accompanied with comfort. The cushioning system gives them a soft wear, without hampering your high speed running. The 4 spike nylon plate ensures a good traction system and thus you can wear them on various types of surfaces.

Women's Brooks Mach 9- These shoes owing to their velocity and strength are considered to be a favourite of women runners. They have one of the extreme cushioning systems which indeed give the smooth run. They are very lightweight shoes and ensure effective breathability features. It weighs around 6.1 ounces.

Women's Brooks Twitch S- these are meant for running for a distance of around 400 metres or less. These spike shoes are said to be a combination of performance and style and you can wear them even various sporting events.
Women's ASICS Hyper-Rocketgirl 4- These are one of the light weight shoes available. They have a light spike plate which ensures higher responsiveness as you run on the track.

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