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Buying a Walking Pedometer

Benefits of Having a Walking Pedometer

MAY 7 2010

There are a large number of benefits of having a walking pedometer-it helps you to get a detailed information regarding the steps you have walked, the distance covered, the calories burned. Some even tell you the pulse rate. So buying a walking pedometer is a must for all the runners or walkers.

All those runners for who running is a passion and addiction, buy a walking pedometer since it acts as a great impetus in their running schedule. The walking pedometer helps them analyse their speed by recording the steps. When you go out for walking you wear it, and thus you will be able to know the distance and the speed of your running.

Tips for Buying Pedometer

When you go to buy a pedometer, make sure you buy the one with a large number of functions rather than simply able to calculate the speed. There are a number of multi functioning pedometers which are available in the market which helps you to know your calorie estimates, time for which you have been running, they contain stopwatches, helps to estimate the speed, there are a few which helps to read the pulse rate also.

There are simple step counting pedometers which are able to tell about the distance covered. If you intend to walk 10,000 steps then this pedometers will serve your purpose well.

For all the technology lovers, the good news is that there exist various pedometers which are able to upload the walking data along with graphs and charts, giving a detail of your activities done. In order to function accurately, these pedometers make use of GPS sensor and footpad.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the gadgets where you can invest money without having anything to lose. It comes at a low price of just $15 so you can simply have it and wear it any part of your body wherever you feel comfortable. Thus, you can wear it and go out for shopping, jogging and for any fun activity and you will be surprised to find out how much you have walked.

Benefits of Pedometer

Benefit of having a pedometer is that it helps to track your over all progress and thereby enable you to know how much more you need to run. This serves as a motivation factor. But you need to take extra care for your pedometer, prevent it from falling or else its accuracy will stop.

Pedometers may be available from $15-$60 depending upon the functions they provide, it us up to you to decide which one is the best for you.

Life source walking pedometer may serve your purpose. This meter consists of a large flip down screen and by all means helps you to lose weight. You can also try having Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer which too has won great reviews.

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