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Calf Cramps From Running

Preventing Calf Cramps

MAY 6 2010

Calf cramps from running can be prevented if you give special attention to the same. Ignoring the cramps can lead to an increase in the problem. Preventing calf cramps may be possible if you drink lots of water, eat healthy food; always perform stretching before you begin the run followed by massage of the legs. What you wear too has a role.

Calf cramps can undoubtedly be said to be the runner’s nightmare. Almost all the runners pray not to have those cramps in the midst of the run. Calf cramps is a common problem being witnessed by the runners.
One of the basic causes of calf cramps is getting your body dehydrated over a considerable longer period of time. In the absence of proper body fluids, the body is bound to suffer and the direct effect can be seen on the calf muscles. Thus you need to be cautious of how much water you are taking while running. It is equally good if you take water bottle with you while on the run, you can even opt for sports drink which too helps to keep the body hydrated.

Preventing Calf Cramps

One thing to be remembered more often is to go for stretching of your foot and leg after your training run. This is needed to keep the legs fit. Go for the stretch for at least 60 seconds. There are proper ways in which you need to go with stretching. You should begin with it in a gradual manner, and then slowly start building up. Arnica gel too has been found to be useful in relieving from the cramps. It is a homeopathic medicine which you can buy and apply on the affected area. You will surely find relief.

If you neglect the calf cramp, it is bound to have serious effects, so don’t ignore it any cost. When you begin the running, you need to start by a proper warm up exercise; this will lead to the proper flow of blood in your body and thereby calf cramps can be avoided.

Give Attention to What you Eat and Wear

What you wear too plays an important role. Wearing tight fitting clothes too may cause cramps, since the body movement is restricted in such a case. Apart from these factors, eating properly and in adequate quantity is a must, since in running you also tend to lose essential body nutrients. A loss of potassium, sodium and magnesium from the body too can be the cause of the calf cramps.

Sports massage by a physiotherapist too proves to be helpful. Opting for it at regular intervals may act as a reliever. This too should be considered as a part of runner’s fitness regime. Give proper rest to your legs, maintain rest days in between the running sessions is equally important.

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