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Calories Burned Walking 1 Hour

How much Calories Burned by Walking 1 Hour

JAN 13 2010

It feels draconian task to walk for an hour daily in busy schedule. Maintaining such programs bring excellent result as you achieve great success in burning fat. Sustaining particular time frame helps walkers make walking regular practice. Track entire schedule through computing burned calories. It is possible by following daily regular walking programs.

Walking is excellent option to shed extra fat from body. You can burn enough calories through regular walks at faster pace. An hourly daily walking schedule proves miraculous. You can burn 4 calories in every one minute with a faster paced walk. Imagine how you burn nearly 240 calories in an hour’s walk. Isn’t it worth admirable? Aggregate counting shows that you have already burnt approximately 43,800 calories in one year through maintaining hourly daily schedule. Perhaps it is the best calorie burning exercise which remains incomparable.

How To Maintain Walks?

Walkers can either maintain a fast pace in such walks and or go a bit slower. The preferred choice is starting mildly and increasing pace after sometime. Keeping the speed too fast may force your body move accordingly which creates friction in it. But the added benefit you have in them is that your heart rate gets a boost and the oxygen consumption too improves dramatically, so is an increase in the calorie burning process.

Calorie Burning and Other Benefits

The calories burned over the period through maintaining a brisk walking schedule of one hour on daily basis must be computed properly for assessment. Besides burning stored fat from body walking for an hour daily also helps you build muscle and keep the metabolism of body intact as well as improved. There are several other advantages of walking an hour for daily basis. You cut the risk of heart diseases, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and stroke through upholding this walking program.

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