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Calories Burned Walking Stairs

Walk Stairs To Burn Calories

MAY 20 2009

Burning calories has become tumultuous issue in the modern era. You apply various tactics but many readymade natural methods too are before you with proven results. Simply walk up and down the stairs and when you have time to avoid exacerbating health conditions.

Walking stairs is an excellent exercise which helps you burn calories and you feel the comfort of best work out.

Although much depends on the intensity of specific workout, rough estimates define that you can burn approximately 300 calories easily in normal walks on stairs spanning to 30 minutes in one go. Don’t you think spending this much time is tough? It may force you exorcise it and compel you to look for other tricks. Your exhaustion is due to lengthy regiment. You have lots of advantages when you walk on the stairs.

Apply this readymade option to burn calories and walk stairs in your office, homes or stores – literally everywhere – instead of choosing lifts. And, most importantly, you hardly need special training to perform such act as it is just a part of your daily work schedule. Walking stairs don’t require you apply any specific equipment.

It is easy for you to continue this exercise in smallest of spurts. Besides burning calories, your heart too palpitates normally because of such small effort in which your knee joints function efficiently.

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