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Calories Burned While Walking

Burn Calories Through Walks

MAY 25 2009

We most often long to shed extra pounds from our bodies. This craze takes somber turn when you gain extra calories due to fast paced lifestyle and inadvertently gain additional calories. Moreover your inconsistent living standard and careless approach towards life make the situation worst. Have disciplined lifestyle and follow regular walking schedule to shed extra calories.

Burning calories to maintain healthy body weight is not a gruesome task for those who prefer walking as an exercise that is simple and doesnít require extra effort.

You can burn up to 4 calories per minute by following moderate walking speed. A man with body weight of 170-180 pounds and a woman having 150-160 pound weight can easily burn extra weight by regular walks. Maintaining routine to walk up to 3 miles per hour helps you burn at least 4 calories per minute. It is mandatory to assess your weight level and continue walking on regular basis to burn extra calories. Shedding of weight largely depends on your body weight, height and the walking speed which you must maintain while covering a particular distance in a stipulated time.

The Way Out: Burning extra fat from body is an easy affair. Apply different walking techniques. Maintaining a particular pace will help you burn calories at certain levels. Appropriate walking schedule matters the most in this regard. Any walker can burn good amount of calories per mile by maintaining a moderate speed of 2.5-4 miles per hour.


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