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Can I Lose Weight by Walking

How Much Weight You Can Lose by Walking

JAN 5 2010

Weight loss can turn out to be a nightmare for many if proper method is not adopted. Losing weight by walking is said to be one of the most effective strategies. How much weight you can lose by walking depends upon the time you are dedicating to the walk per day.

Maintaining a proper walking program can work wonders for your overall health as the cost involved is minor and you don’t have to put in any extra effort in doing the same.
The amount of weight a person may lose depends upon his overall metabolism, calorie consumption as well as the type of walking. There may be a few who take short walks, though it may keep the person fit but it won’t help much in reducing weight. For reducing weight you need to walk fast and that too for about 30minutes daily, only then you can lose weight.

Relation of Walking and Diet

Walking in combination with the food you eat helps to reduce weight. Various studies have found a direct relation between the two. So what you eat holds as much importance as how much you walk. Try to avoid spicy and oily food as well. Prefer to include more of green leafy vegetables in your diet and don’t over eat. Since a mere walk cannot do any wonders if you are constantly ignoring the diet. So make a diet chart and stick to it as well.

If you walk at 2mph you can burn about 26 calories per 10 minutes and in around 30 minutes you may be able to burn around 79 calories. If this routine is followed systematically you have a better chance to lose weight. Most of the experts recommend that you should begin with smaller walking program and with time increase the pace. You need to build up a speed in which you feel the most comfortable. Once your fitness and ability to walk increases, you are in a better condition to lose more calories.

Benefits of Walking

Regular walking not only helps in reducing weight but also prevent you from gaining more weight. Apart from this walking also helps to reduce the risk of various diseases and should be considered as a daily requirement.
Walking is said to be most effective if performed in the early hours of the morning, since you inhale fresh air which also keeps you physically fit and mentally alert. But always keep a bottle of water with you when you go for a walk.
Researchers have shown that a person needs to burn around 2000 -3000 calories per week from physical activity if you want to control the weight. Walking for about 15 minutes throughout the day too can help in losing weight over a considerable long period of time. But apart from this just remember the more you walk the more you burn the calories.

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