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Cardio Exercises at Home No Equipment

Fitness at Home Without Equipments

MAY 19 2011

Fitness at home without equipments can be a possibility provided you are well aware of the various cardio exercises at home with no equipments. These require you to be regular and consistent for the best results, being irregular will not work here. These workouts includes Dip pushups, one legged pushups, crunches chair hamstrings.

At times it is easier for you to opt for the cardio exercises at your home only rather than at gym. Doing workouts at home is said to be more comfortable and especially for girls.

  • Most of the time the problem arises when you have to do the exercises at home and there are no equipment available for the same.
  • There are a few who simply do not go for cardio exercises at home mainly because they are unaware of the fact that these exercises are possible even without equipments also.
  • The prime aim should be to stay healthy and fit and hence one needs to be quite regular with the workouts if you are interested in getting the best results.
  • There are some of the cardio workouts which you can practice at home and these include both low and high impact exercises.
  • You can always decide as to which one suits you the best.

Invisible Jump Rope:

  • One of the easiest and the most possible cardio exercise at home is the Invisible Jump Rope which has been practiced over the years by the health freaks around the world.
  • You need to stand in an upright position and with your feet apart.
  • In this exercise you have to pretend that you are doing it with a rope in your hand.
  • Start jumping and let your arms move in a circular motion.
  • You need to repeat this for a number of times.

Traditional Jumping Jacks:

  • This is a traditional exercise but it requires immense pressure from the body as well as endurance from your side.
  • You should stand in a straight position with your feet and hands straight.
  • In this exercise you need to jump and when you do so, your feet should move apart as much as shoulder length.
  • As you do the aforementioned, make sure your hands are coming above your head.

High Intensity Interval Training:

  • This is yet another effective cardio workout which requires no equipments.
  • It is good as it helps you to burn fat also.
  • These include a wide range of exercises to choose from like planks, mountain climners, body weight squats, burpee.
  • Leg raise and sprint in place is also good to be followed.

Some Effective Cardio Exercises:

Dip pushups, one legged pushups, crunches chair hamstrings can also be done at home without any equipment needed.

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