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Cheap Running Shoes

Finding and Buying Cheap Running Shoes

AUG 4 2008

When buying running shoes, price should not be the main consideration. You need good quality running shoes to protect your feet from the stress that regular running, hiking, and trailing will bring.

You also need to purchase the right kind, the one that best fits your running and training lifestyle.

While everyone desires to buy the cheapest running shoes in the market, expect that certain types of running shoes will definitely be more expensive than the others. Also, good quality running shoes will sell for a higher price than those which are not.

Donít despair though; cheap running shoes are still available out there. You just need a keen eye, a patient spirit, and a ready budget so that you may be able to purchase a good cheap pair when the opportunity arises.

If you are an avid runner and if you are a professional, saving for cheap running shoes should be part of your budget. Set aside a sum of money each time you get your salary or allowance. This way, youíll be able to have an amount in hand at all times. You never know when a sale will suddenly be announced, so be ready for that.

When buying your cheapest running shoes, you may visit a specialty running shoe shop. The staff and salespersons there often give great advice. Many of them are runners themselves so expect to hear reliable recommendation.

Always wear or carry a pair of socks when scouting for running shoes. Try shoes on with socks every time. Remember to make a purchase late in the afternoon, when your feet are at their full expansion. Needless to say, never purchase shoes early in the morning. Actual shoe sizing will be least reliable then.

If you are a professional or a real sports enthusiast, expect to change running shoes at least after a 400 mile usage. Thatís why itís important to never ignore a shoe sale even though your current pair is still in good working condition. Stock up on your next running shoes and when the performance of your current running shoe is nearly exhausted, alternate its use with the replacement wear. This way, you get to break in your new running shoes in between training. Never wear a new pair on the day of a competition. Your feet will greatly suffer from this. Break your new running shoes in during light training.

While discounted and cheap shoes may be very tempting, never buy shoes that are too large or too short for you. Maintain a half to one inch space from your largest toe, but no more than that. Never settle for shoes that have no allowance whatsoever. You need to leave some room for your toes to breathe and move. Else, expect toe damage like bunions, corns, and calluses.

Be on the lookout for seasonal sales. Stores normally conduct sales at year end and during holidays. Also, many stores conduct year round off season sales. Inventory and clearance sales are often held within the months of December to January. Online stores also offer cheap shoes, just search for them online.

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