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Chest Pain While Walking

Chest Pain Caused from Walking

JAN 10 2010

Though cardiovascular disease have causal relationship with the symptoms of chest pain few least threatening diseases too, including heartburn and strained muscle, cause such pain. Either minor or severe chest pain would definitely bring difficult phases in life particularly when they occur in walking.

Such pains are so discomforting that one faces near death experience. Sufferers are told to contact doctor immediately and find out possible causes of these symptoms.

An individual maintaining regular walking schedule must feel ease in this practice. In case one faces any sort of discomfort particularly chest pain the whole walking schedule would get spoiled and alarming. These pains can be sharp or mild and both the circumstances create typical and uneasy situation for walkers. Taking precautionary steps become necessary while walking. One should be well prepared for this workout to avoid worst conditions. Some walkers undergo stress electrocardiogram programs prior to the start of their walk for suppressing such symptoms.

Walking and Diseases

Although walking is great source for overall fitness but wrong strides may invite several such problems. It is therefore important to keep walking program stress free by minimizing possibilities of injuries or other factors that might invite chest pain. Major problem is that walkers feel helpless in facing pains and are hallucinated by simply facing these awkward situations. What can be the preventions and how to apply them on such occasions when one’s discomfort reaches at peak due to sharp pain in chest?

Causes of Chest Pain

There can be many causes of chest pain while walking. Such pains occur in normal circumstances due to problems in heart, lung, esophagus or difficulties occurring in chest wall skin, its muscle or bone. Other reason can be defection in gall bladder or stomach. Oxygen is important for every organs and tissue in the human body. As walking is physical activity chest pain may also occur due to inadequate supply of oxygen or its excess which causes angina and heart rate as well as pressure increasing in walking. Supply of oxygen remains less than demand posed by heart or more than the required need.

Associated Diseases

All walkers should be made aware of the fact that chest pain can become a symptom of heart attack as well. Severity of this typical disease should be taken seriously. Immediate consultation with specialized doctor or expert would definitely help one find actual reason and the suitable treatment given for quicker recovery from this condition.


The walkers undergoing electrocardiogram programs before walking can avoid or at least minimize symptoms of chest pain up to certain extent. But it is not ultimate treatment though. There can be different causes of chest pain while you walk which need planned diagnosis and appropriate medication. It must be understood that stress electrocardiogram is not the only option for complete cure from these symptoms. Other preventive measures are also applied to minimize such pains.

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