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Chevron Houston Marathon

Marathon in Houston Texas

SEP 20 2008

Houston Marathon is one of the hidden secrets of the racing community. This event is also known to be Chevron Houston Marathon. This happens in Bayou city where it has become a favorite course of runners. Its proven success was testified by almost a hundred thousand people who have participated in the said event.

What made this marathon successful is the fact that organizers give the runners what they want.

This has certainly created a buzz in the world of runners. For this reason, this has become a highly recommended event for anyone. Houston Marathon course is flat so it is very easy to traverse. Another factor is the crowd support that is proven to be excellent. The prizes are so fantastic as well that includes t-shirt, certificate and mug.

There are lots of reasons to join Houston Marathon. One is the fact that is has an outstanding organization. The event organizers truly get their act together. There are many challenges already being faced by runners and they don’t want any other unwanted surprises. Houston marathon is said to have a great organization. The whole thing is being spearheaded by volunteers who are committed and responsible in doing their jobs. This is so because Houston marathon is well funded. It is backed by sponsors and it got the support of authorities.

Another commendable thing about the marathon is that the George R. Brown Convention Center is very convenient. The said place is near hotels and other facilities needed by runners. These are literally near start and finish points. Another thing is that fact that the runners are not dodging with the traffic. For the participants there are a lot of accommodations around the area with reasonable rates. You could also do shopping if you wanted to.

Technology is really playing a huge role in this whole marathon event. They can provide you with real time updates if you want to know who is leading the marathon. There is this cutting edge email alert. The organizers is said to improve everything by providing a searchable video of the marathon down to the finish line. All you have to do is search your name then you can actually view the video of how you finished.

When it comes to marathon, the crowd plays a huge part in the event. There numerous spectators cheering and giving support. This can definitely boost the confidence of any runner to keep on going. Along the course, you find a lot of entertainment including belly dancers and bands playing. If you are thinking about weather, Houston got a perfect one for marathon. Another notable thing about Houston Marathon is its course which can exceed what you expected. It doesn’t have any challenging terrain that can definitely give you pace management. In running the course, you will not get bored because you can see the scenic and historical aspect of the city as you make your way to Houston neighborhoods. It lets you explore downtown Houston and other major attractions in the said area.

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