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Chicago Marathon 2007

Lasalle Bank Chicago Marathon 2007

NOV 25 2007

Not only is the Chicago marathon considered as one of the major Chicago events which attract a large crowd of participants and spectators.

The United States also considers the Chicago marathon as one of its most important marathons that draw a large flock of tourists and media attention from different parts of the world.

Chicago Marathon 2007 Winner  Patrick Ivuti
Chicago Marathon 2007 Report

Course: 26.2 miles
Race Date: Oct 7, 2007
Course Closing Time: 6 hours 30 minutes (Closed after 3 hours 35 minutes)
City: Chicago
Organizer: Lasalle Bank
Registration: Started Jan 1, 2007 Ended Apr 18, 2007
Fees: $110 (USD)
Participants Capacity: 45,000
Spectators: 1.5 Million
Died: 1 (Chad Schieber)
Treated at Hospital/Medical Station: 312
Runners Started: 35,867
Runners Finished: 24,933
Temperature: 70F+(8:00AM) 88F(11:30AM)
Winner: Patrick Ivuti (Kenya) (2 hours, 11 minutes, 11 seconds)
Race result:
Race Video:

The Chicago Marathon 2007

The Chicago Marathon 2007 which was held October 7, 2007, is actually the 30th anniversary of the world renowned Chicago race. Thousands of runners from different parts of the globe registered in the Chicago marathon 2007 registration which started January 1, 2007 and ended Apr 18, 2007. The event has brought in 35,867 marathon runners but only 24,933 of these Lincoln park Chicago marathon runners were able to finish the 26.2 mile Chicago marathon October 2007 race. For the fifth year since the 2003 Chicago marathon training and race, a runner from Kenya was declared winner. Patrick Ivuti was proclaimed winner during the October 7, 2007 race registering a record of 2 hours, 11 minutes and 11 seconds in marathon results.

Issues during the 2007 Marathon

The LaSalle bank Chicago marathon 2007 was ended earlier than the supposed marathon schedule reportedly because of the extreme heat. At 8 am during the marathon calendar scheduled running, the temperature was more than 70F. This went up to 88F at 11:30 before noon. The marathon schedule was cut short 3 hours and 35 minutes after the marathon running was started. By 11:45 am, the organizers announced to end the marathon race and marathon runners who were not yet halfway of the 26.2 mile run were advised against finishing the 2007 marathon. There were also reported injuries during the event. 312 were brought to hospitals and medical stations. One of the marathon race participants, Chad Schieber, a 35-year old runner, collapsed during the marathon races and died.

The LaSalle Chicago marathon is watched by around 1.5 million spectators from around the globe and can be participated in by 45,000 Chicago marathon runners. The LaSalle Chicago marathon, as it is otherwise called, is sponsored by the LaSalle Bank and has been a much awaited annual event in Chicago following its initial race in September 1977. Runners who were to participate in the marathon are advised to go through marathon training. US based runners are required to pay $110 registration fee while international marathon participants have to pay $130 to participate in the Chicago marathon event.

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Name: Niky

Nice Summary on Chicago Marathon 2007.

Name: Jim

I ran 2007 marathon at Chicago, I had the worst experience running this marathon. The organizers were the worst for which they are replaced to Bank America now.

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