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Children's Fun Run

Fun Run for Children

APR 29 2010

Children as small as 3 years can participate in the children’s fun run which is organised every year. The aim is to make the children active and encourage them to become athletes in the future. Thousands of children participate along with their parents in the fun run for children in different cities.

Children’s fun run takes place in different cities with a view to get the children enjoy the day as well as to enthuse in them the ability to run from childhood itself. The fun run for children is a grand event and kids as small as 3-6 takes part in the run.

Fun run at Greenville

One such type takes place at Greenville. The run starts and finishes at the Linky Stone Park. The course of the race is around 400 metres. The parents too can run with the children and those who finish the race are given a fun T-Shirt. A number of volunteers are available on the race course so as to guide them all along.

Fit's Cool School Challenge also organises the 10k run and the winners are expected to win as much as $1000. The elementary and middle school students can participate in the race. The race begins in the early hours of morning and you should get yourself registered before time as well pick up the packets on the day from Linky Stone Park and Westin Poinsett Hotel. The children’s fun run is very much captured on the camera with photographers line up at the finish line to catch your winning smile. The parking is also available at the Park at around 5$ per car as the fee.

Marine Corps Marathon Healthy Kids Fun Run

This is going to take place on 30 October 2010. The run takes place in the Pentagon North Parking Lot. It is one mile fun run in which children between the ages of 6-13 are asked to participate. At the finish line the participants of the race are given the medals, T shirt and snacks. The healthy fun run is organised at three different timings and it depends upon the participants in which race they want to take part. The race begins at three timing- 10:30 am, 11:30 am and 12:30 pm. For each of these runs the maximum limit set for the participants is 1000.

The kids can get their T shirt for the run from the Washington Convention Centre where the health and fitness expo is organized. The children can also donate a toy for the Tots campaign. Children have to present on the race course 15 minutes prior to the scheduled timings, the parents will also be given the Kid claim coupon at the time of check in. keeping in view the safety of the children it is organized on a closed course and only registered users can participate.

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