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Chilly Willy Duathlon

Running for Chilly Willy Duathlon

APR 22 2010

There are several unique aspects that fascinate people looking for typical things. Chilly Willy Duathlon race is known for those features. Uniqueness of this race appeals people. It has so many flexibilities. The one that attracts attention of people is that anybody can join in it at any point of time during the course. Even novice athletes are provided opportunity to explore such uniqueness. It is possible due to simplified process.

Achievement of Chilly Willy Duathlon racing event in less than a decade’s time raises the eyebrows of people everywhere. What are most important aspects that made it truly rewarding? It is expected that there would be tremendous increase in the number of participants in forthcoming Chilly Willy Duathlon event like it is practiced earlier. Approximately 600 entries is not bad idea indeed. This USAT sanctioned event has several remarkable features that are explored for unbeatable achievement and publicity. Running for a marked 5k course is an initiative followed by 10-mile bike and a race of 5k course that make it complete. Ultimate choice is to develop an atmosphere in which you feel the excitement of Chilly Willy Duathlon race and adopt its ascent.

Who Are Participants?

Strict rules are followed in Chilly Willy Duathlon races. This is done to systematize the whole event. Very first precondition with this event is that participating athletes need to produce updated USAT license for participating in it. One day membership too can be obtained for this purpose. The moment registration formalities are thorough and gets completed all participating athletes are instructed to collect the long sleeve Chilly Willy t-shirt for their use. They are also asked not to forget Chilly Willy water bottle.

As this typical racing event is designed in unique manner in which chip-timed method is applied all athletes are trained to perform accordingly for obtaining splits after finish of each segment in certain type of event being organized. No matter participating athletes are males or females each of the winners are awarded in their respective categories for proving their mettle. Innovative ideas are often introduced in Chilly Willy Duathlon event. One of the recent practices of such kind was introduction of 2010 Valentine’s Special Chilly Willy Duathlon event. It was welcomed by chunk of youngsters. Organized exclusively for couples it was truly an exciting event.

Recent Events:

Main purpose of organizing Chilly Willy Duathlon event is to make safe and funny event possible that creates variegated approach in the lives of participating athletes. People take too much interest in this event and actively participate as spectators. Recently held 2010 Chilly Willy Duathlon event concluded on February 14 in which race distance was divided into 5K running, 10 Mile biking and repeating another 5K running. Fort DeSoto Park, North Beach, St. Petersburg, FL was its location.

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