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Chronic Running Injuries

Causes of Chronic Running Injuries and Remedies

JUL 15 2008

Serious (regular and habitual) runners are often troubled with chronic running injuries. Such injuries should never remain untreated and uncared for. It is important to know and learn how to care for your feet when troubled with chronic injuries. Else, permanent damage may be the effect, thereby crippling you from running possibly for life.

Many causes are attributed to chronic running injuries, the first and primary one of which is, inappropriate or poor quality running shoes.

It is of utmost importance to get footwear most appropriate for your foot shape and condition. Also, more importantly, you should prioritize good quality and design, that is, if you really want to care for your feet. Better quality foot gear will definitely cost more, but expect a good moneyís worth because for sure, youíll be saving yourself a lot of medical expenses. Blisters, Plantar Fascitis are known chronic injuries arising from inappropriate footwear.

If you have a habit of overtraining, expect running injuries regularly. Pulled muscles, cramps, various body pains, and many others are known chronic injuries arising from overtraining. It is important to increase speed a notch at a time. Some use the 10% rule, which means, distances are to be increased no more than 10% weekly.

Properly space quick running times and slow running times. Develop a training program that provides for alternate fast and slow runs. And make sure you have rest periods placed in between. Seek the advice of a professional runner or trainer regarding the best training schedule that fits your body, your capability, and your experience.

Lack of stretching is another known cause which is closely related with overtraining. It is important to do proper and enough stretching before commencing with a run. This prepares your body for the run. This slowly eases your body into flight mode. As important as stretching may be, after run cool down periods are also required. Slowly ease yourself out of a run each time.

Muscle, tissue, and joint trauma are all undesirable effects of continually subjecting your feet to hard ground or surfaces. Tendonitis such as Achilles tendonitis is an undesirable effect of continually subjecting your feet to soft ground or surfaces like sand and moist soil. Continual runs on the same path which has inclinations and slants also cause certain trauma. Thus, it is important to vary your running paths.

Save yourself from too many chronic running injuries by purchasing appropriate footwear. If you can, purchase from a specific store which specializes in running shoes or from a store which provides athletic shoes on a regular basis. Seek advice from personnel who are runners themselves.

Seek footwear with good, stable, and ample orthotics. Donít get too much and donít get too little. Orthotics are available in many sports stores, online, and onsite. Check your running shoes regularly to see if your current gear needs pad replacements.

Know which exercises are needed to be fused into your training program. Put importance to back, shoulder, and calf exercises. Do upper and lower back reps for strengthening. Strengthen your knees, legs, calves, heels, and shoulders.

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