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Clermont Triathlon

Great Clermont Triathlon

APR 11 2010

Considered as one of the most prestigious sports fests in Florida, the Great Clermont Triathlon International Distance Race is an annual event attended by hundreds of amateur triathletes and beginners who want to test their endurance by completing the race course which includes swimming, biking, and running.

The Great Clermont Triathlon International Distance Race is a prestigious annual event in Florida attended by hundreds of amateur triathletes from different age groups. And compared to other triathlons, this sports fest also has a program for families with children in an effort to promote healthy and active lifestyle.

According to the event organizer, the 27th Clermont Triathlon was held in March 27 and 28 in Waterfront Park which has been known as the “World Triathlon Destination” aside from its wide green space.

This race has three courses: the “Super Sprint Triathlon” which is ideal for families with children and starters; “Short Course” which is for hard-core athletes; and “Long Course” for those with a very strong endurance and stamina. (The Short and Long Course Races have male and female divisions.)

This is the course information of Super Sprint:

The participants swam in the 200-yard rectangular-shaped course in Lake Minneola which was a little bit cold at the time of the event because of the recent record-high cold winter.

After swimming, the participants biked their way to a 7.4-mile trail around the lake and then ran 2 miles along the South Lake Trail.

On the other hand, this is the course information of Short and Long Races:

The participants swam the 750 meter triangular-shaped course in Lake Minneola, much longer distance compared to Super Sprint which was for families and children.

After completing the swimming course, the participants then took the bike course which extended from Jalarmy Road to Cherry Lake Road. Meanwhile, the distance of the bike trail was different for short and long courses.

The finale was a run course (in South Lake Trail) that extended 5 kilometers for short course triathletes and 10 kilometers for long course participants.

Meanwhile, after this triathlon event, there had been an award ceremony to recognize the top three male and female participants of the short and long courses. Participants who have received an award are automatically qualified for the US Amateur Triathlete Championship.

However, there is no given award to participants of Super Sprint because this course is considered as a “fun race”.

In addition, one of the highlights of the two-day event was the barbecue party that has allowed participants and their families and friends to have fun together.

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